December 7, 2017

Velvet, Plaid, and Pine

Purple isn't a very 'holiday season' color, but I'm going to make it work somehow! Pairing it with plaid could help right? And loads of velvet? 

I could wear this velvet jacket every other day it pairs so well with nearly everything in my closet. I'm always on the look out for another black velvet jacket with different details, because as far as I can tell they are just super versatile! This time I wore the jacket with my Vivien of Holloway circle skirt and matching black velvet accessories. I found the hat over the summer at a local vintage fair and just couldn't pass it up, despite already having a larger black velvet hat in my collection that I made myself several years ago. This one was just so perfectly 50's and was only $15 dollars! The velvety black suede heels are part one of a two part splurge from Remix that I mentioned a few weeks ago. Now I am on a spending ban for sure! No more shoes for me for a good long while, I had a bad case of shoe fever (including a bad breakout of shoe lust on Black Friday, damn you Bait footwear! I'm too weak to resist!). 

I haven't been in a very holiday mood yet, mostly because I am shocked to find we are in December already. I mean, of course if you go by the way the news and foul miasma of gross misogyny and general disaster that has permeated this year from the start, it seems to have been a very long year indeed, but personally for me it has actually flown by. As ever I have a lot to accomplish and never enough time to do it all. The more lights that go up outside, and holiday music invades my ears at the super market, the more I'll realize it really must be the end of the year. Which can only mean one thing...its almost time for more Star Wars!!! What did you think I was going to say?

Jacket, Hat, Gloves, Jewelry, & Bag: Vintage
Skirt: Vivien of Holloway
Petticoat: Malco Modes
Fishnets: Amazon
Shoes: Remix Shoes


  1. <3 the hair and the shoes! The rest of the outfit is awesome too. :D

  2. I agree with you that velvet jackets are so versatile! Yours has lovely detail. I have one fairly plain one that I have worn a lot this year. The hat and skirt look fantastic paired with it. Purple definitely is festive appropriate in my book! X

    1. Thank you Porcelina! I am on the lookout for more velvet jackets now ;)

  3. I must get a velvet jacket. They work so well with so many outfits. Lovely photos.


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