December 21, 2017

Renaissance Review

Remember when I wore this dress in Avallon? Well, that day I knew I would be touring a small museum and didn't want to wear a petticoat in case I brushed against things unwittingly, but there were no such worries here at home!

I paired this rather magical brocade dress with dark green this time instead of red, and though it's a stretch (there is no green in the fabric), I still think it works for a holiday look right? I bought a length of dark green velvet ribbon to wear as a belt and match my other new pair of metallic heels from Bait Footwear. The red colorway of this shoe went over quite well on Instagram, so I'll be sure to share the green over there too as they are just as magnificent! I have been on the lookout for dark green shoes for a long time, and though the shiny nature of these limits their daytime styling options a little bit, I am so happy to have them. No more new shoes for me in 2018! Not that I'll be able to really promise that...

That said these shoes are more comfortable than I thought they would be and are really stunning in person. I really must remember to put a little more spending money aside for the Bait Footwear Black Friday sales next year as the deals were so good! I am really happy with all of the shoes I've added to my collection from the brand. (uh, also #notsponsored)

And yes, the hem of this particular dress of mine has warped a bit, circle skirts can be annoying that way. That's why you should always leave your dress/skirt on a dressform or hanger for a night or two before re-cutting the hem and finishing it after the hem "drops" as they say. All of this warping happens because the nature of how a circle skirt is cut means some of the skirt is on the bias and some on the straight-grain and the bias stretches. I'll fix this hem eventually, but I still like it even if the hem is a bit..uhh unique ;)

I hope you all are having a good lead up to Christmas, if you celebrate Christmas that is, or at least a nice cozy December if not. I invested in a tin of peppermint hot chocolate this season and have been enjoying a warm cup for desert ever now and again while I stay cozy with my cat Cleo before bed. Less glamorous in my flannel pj's with coco, but just as luxurious in many ways ;)

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Bait Footwear
Fishnets: Amazon
Gloves, Clutch, & Jewelry: Vintage
Hair Flowers: ...stolen off our Christmas tree to wear!


  1. I love the colour of your shoes and I think they go brilliantly with the lovely dress - it must be the purplish in the dress that makes it work. Happy holidays - and thanks for all the fabulous posts and the inspiration this year! Kx

  2. I love the green bait shoes as much as the red! The dress is stunning! Merry Christmas from the UK!

    1. Thank you! That's why I couldn't choose between the two colors... ;) Happy Christmas!

  3. It's a sumptuous dress Bianca. Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas! x

    1. Thank you Porcelina! I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well!

  4. I like the green with the dress, they look lovely together. Such a glamorous look.


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