December 27, 2017

Cataloging Catalogs: Shoes!, Montgomery Wards Spring/Summer 1943

The bad new is, these are the last pages I will be sharing from the Spring/Summer 1943 Montgomery Wards catalog for a while, the good news is...I now have a small collection of catalogs and will be sharing images from a different Ward's catalog starting in the new year! 

These last few pages are luckily full of shoes. Once again, if only we could still place our orders right? The pages that follow these (of which there are nearly 800) contain undergarments, men's clothing, children's clothing, and all manner of household and farm goods. While these other items are all interesting in their own way as a historic resource, I wish to focus on the women's fashion pages in my catalog collection for now. The fashions are just too good, trust me you want to see them first :)

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season and enjoy these beautiful shoes.


  1. I hate looking at shoes in old catalogues- because I want to place an order and I can't!!!! Why, oh why do we not have shoes like this anymore?!? (Well, they are very few and far between, at least.)
    Thank-you for sharing all these vintage catalogues, I love seeing what the average person wore- not just what the movie stars were wearing.

    1. I know right, ugh, I'd like so many pairs of these!


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