October 9, 2017

Fall Forest Falls

This nature is far from natural, as these photos were taken while visiting the Denver Botanical gardens which are of course human landscaped renditions of the natural world. The fall colors were spectacular regardless of whether or not someone had arranged them to be so, and the sunken little pond and waterfall still seemed serene even if alive with reflections of golden color.

Autumn is primarily gold in hue here in Colorado, as we have a proliferation of aspen tress. The aspen leaves turn bright yellow in fall and sparkle in the breeze like little round gold coins. The effect is beautiful while it lasts and will make you wish it was autumn year round. Of course all these colors are temporary, and sadly this year they are destined to be more so than usual as snow is predicted to fall and knock all the lovely painted leaves off their branches prematurely. Don't fret though, for I  captured as much fall brilliance as I could on film for you all, so here on The Closet Historian, fall will continue on a lot longer than it will outside!

This outfit is made up of almost entirely old components, or at least, sewing projects from last year. The black rayon dress, here worn as a top, is a constant favorite, if only I could find this fabric in every color! The skirt I made last year (it's a basic circle skirt) out of wide quilting cotton that the lady at Joanns told me came in large widths for making table cloths. Well I'd rather have a fall leaf skirt than a tablecloth thanks! The truly new item in this outfit is my yellow beret. I picked up a bunch of berets on my trip to France in the spring, and most of the haul was in fall colors like this mustard yellow. Helpfully the wool of my hat kept my ears warm too :)

I have much to do today so I am afraid that's all for now, you'll be hearing from me again soon however, so until then ciao!

Dress (worn as blouse) & Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Gloves, Handbag, Belt, & Jewelry: Vintage
Hat: Touristy shop in Paris


  1. Lovely outfit! And part of the joy of autumn is rediscovering the previous year's favourites and loving them all over again. (I never feel quite the same about rediscovering my summer clothes.)

  2. I so adore this ensemble - autumnal colours are my favourite! Also, I love that beret on you!! xxx

  3. I love all the colours here! Your skirt is so perfect, much better than a tablecloth!


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