Monday, July 17, 2017

Flowers and Chocolate

Doesn't this Plastiflex clutch look like a giant chocolate bar? ;)

This dress is another favorite (don't I always say that? I like my clothes I guess!) every summer. I hope you all don't get too bored with my repeating outfits, but I suppose it proves I don't really have a super crazy sized wardrobe just yet ;) Hopefully the fact that I try to style things differently each time I wear them helps add some semblance of variety. Last year I paired this same dress with red accessories and this time I decided to base everything around the dark brown in the print instead. Mostly I just wanted an excuse to use this chocolate bar purse! You all know how I love Plastiflex style clutches, and this is the third of my small collection. I'm not sure if it has been featured on the blog yet, so this may be it's debut even though I have had it a while now.

Even though I opted for a brown belt and clutch, I chose white for the jewelry and shoes because I wanted to wear these really fun white flower heels. I got these floral strap high heels on super sale from Modcloth last year (the year before? I don't remember!) and though they are rather modern in style I just had to have them! I quite like the look of vintage dresses and modern heels together. It's interesting to me how many of the biggest fashion bloggers actually have really vintage influenced style but they just mix in more modern pieces or styling. If I wore my hair straight and got myself a name brand handbag could I be sitting front row at fashion week? I think I'll stick to my retro curls and love of more authentic vintage styles, but I do wonder sometimes why people seems to like vintage style pieces on their own but not all together. Vintage blogs after all are infinitely less "popular" than regular fashion blogs. I really enjoy following both, but perhaps I am an anomaly!

I did finally finish sewing together a new dress this weekend so I expect you'll be seeing that soon as I can't wait to wear it! Unfortunately this focus on sewing will mean the first break from a new Tuesday video in a while, but I am determined to get something together for next week. I hope you all had a good Monday!

Dress: Made by me
Belt, Clutch, & Jewelry: Vintage
Shoes: Modcloth


  1. If I had that purse, every time I looked at it, I would start craving chocolate ;)
    I always like seeing how bloggers restyle outfits too- because we don't all have massive wardrobes and I like to wear things over and over again!

  2. Your "chocolate bar" purse is so fun! I think the brown and white accessories are great with this dress - those shoes especially are so much fun!
    I also follow plenty of mainstream fashion blogs - I really like Atlantic-Pacific, do you read that one? She has the kind of highly coordinated and hyper-feminine aesthetic that I associate with vintage, but with modern pieces. I love seeing pitch perfect vintage looks, but I also think it's fun to mix things up by going a bit more modern with styling.

  3. Beautiful! I adore those shoes. I definitely love mixing it up with modern and vintage and follow a range of blogs, I just love fashion full stop! X

  4. It does look like a bar of chocolate - I've never seen one of those before.


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