July 20, 2017

Auburn Summer

I lightened my hair up a bit, and as the color fades it is becoming more and more auburn. To be honest I am speeding the fading along as I want it to get a bit lighter and then go pink...but we'll see. I've never had pink hair before, it could be a disaster with my skin tone, or it could be really fun! I may chicken out, you'll know if you see me with dark brown hair again soon then I probably didn't like the pink and dyed over it ;)

This red circle skirt is surprisingly versatile in my wardrobe, I wear it more and more! I suppose a fun bright color is pretty standard for summer, but as I only started wearing color again a few years ago  after years of devotion to nearly all black, I still find bright colors surprising in a fun way. The blue striped top makes the whole look a bit patriotic looking so I tried to cut that by adding some yellow accessories. Not only do I really like all three primary colors together, but I'm also not too keen to look patriotic just about now when the US is driving me mad. The less said about that nonsense the better here in this space devoted to nice things like sewing and fashion, but goodness, what a mess. I think it's time to add another colorful circle skirt to my wardrobe since I have been wearing this one so often, so I have some "shell pink" cotton sateen on the way to make a new skirt!

I was going to pick up some pink fabric from my local Joanns, but the store was a mess! I asked an associate what was going on and they said they will be launching a ton of fabrics in mid August and were shuffling everything around for that. I'll certainly be interested to see what that means, hopefully they will be adding nice new apparel fabric but most often changes at big stores like this mean even more quilting cotton and less and less for apparel seamstresses.

I'm not going to lie, this week has been weird so far you guys. Monday started with driving my dad to the airport at an early hour and having woken up with too little sleep I felt almost ill and it really really shattered me. I was useless until I had a nap and lost the first half of the day essentially! Then I have been having nightmares the past few days that wake me up early too! I didn't get a video together in time to go up Tuesday which broke my nice streak of uploading every week, so now I feel behind and like I've let myself down there. Then I realized my drivers licence had actually expired on my birthday and I hadn't noticed so I spent the day at the DMV renewing that. Just odd things knocking me out of sync, but hopefully I'll get back on track this weekend and also get some nice sewing done. TGIF right?

Skirt: Made by me
Top: Charming Charlie
Shoes: Chelsea Crew (Royal Vintage Shoes)
Handbag, Belt, & Scarf: Vintage
Brooch & Earrings: Luxulite
Sunglasses: TJ Maxx


  1. You're like Snow White! I love these primary colours together. Hair's looking fab too. I find that one bad night's sleep can throw me out for a week. Hope you can have a restorative weekend xx

    1. Thank you Porcelina! These colors always make me think of snow white too :)

  2. This outfit makes me think of the original (and best!) Wonder Woman's costume or perhaps Snow White. It's the colours, they're very similar but as I love both those costumes I think that's a good thing.
    You shouldn't be so hard on yourself if you miss doing a video or blog post. I used to be like that but it took the fun out of blogging. It felt more like work! I'll keeping coming back to your blog no matter what :) xx

    1. Thank you Cate! I do like both Wonder Woman and Snow White, so I am happy to wear their color scheme <3

      And thank you for telling me I should be less hard on myself, which is perhaps true. Unfortunately as I dream of indeed making blogging/vlogging/writing my day job somehow, it is something I feel I have to work harder at and stay really consistent with it. It is like work for me, just work that doesn't pay anything ;)

  3. Great look, the yellow accessories are fabulous. I hope the nightmares have stopped. Don't feel bad about missing one video, you do an amazing job of posting regularly.

    1. Thank you Kate-Em! I'm trying to stay consistent, but these things take so much time!


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