June 18, 2017

Custom Labels from Dutch Label Shop!

I really want to show these labels off, though I doubt anyone will be as excited to see them as I was! There is just something so official feeling about having nice custom woven labels made to sew into your projects, and it was always something I was interested in, so when Dutch Label Shop got in touch with me about testing out their services, I couldn't wait to see the results!

I chose to upload my own design so that I could use my favorite Pirata One font that I always use for The Closet Historian. I went with classic ivory for the label and black text, and chose the double white option to ensure really crisp text. Even though I chose to have the double white, the text is even crisper than I imagined it could be and I really love the final look of the labels! I can't wait to start sewing them into my projects, even if I am the only one who will ever see them. These labels are so cool I almost want to start sewing things to sell just so I can use put these labels out there into the world ;)

Of course you can get your own labels too, and when you enter in the code: thecloesthistorian15 (all lower case) you will get 15% off your purchase! The discount code will work for the next 30 days, so if you have been thinking about trying out some labels, now may be the perfect time. The label design process is really simple and fun, and they will even send you a photo proof of your design to make sure everything is just right if you wish for a small extra fee, in case you are worried about ordering hundreds of them without seeing what they will look like. Since I didn't opt for a photo proof, and I designed my labels in photoshop and simply uploaded the file, it wasn't until I opened the package that I got to see what the finished product looked like and I was so pleased with the results <3

Check out Dutch Label Shop by clicking here


  1. Fabulous labels! I really must get some done as the ones I currently use are from a previous company I set up to design and make bridal wear. They're not exactly relevant to what I do now. xx

    1. Thanks Cate! I decided to go with The Closet Historian instead of my name or anything even though only I will ever be seeing them ;) Silly but fun!

  2. I love seeing the custom labels people make for their garments! It's such a wonderful and unique touch that I can only imagine adds so much to the maker and wearer.



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