September 4, 2016

Sunday Spotlight: Joann's Halloween Fabrics 2016

A small reminder today that while fall proper may not have arrived yet, it has definitely arrived in stores including our largest fabric shop chain Joanns. I always look forward to the arrival of Halloween spooky goodness arriving in stores (#capitalisim) because my style leans gothic on occasion and I like taking the opportunity to stock up on fancy black candelabras and other darkly victorian decor and fabrics.

This year Joann's Halloween fabrics are pretty great too, I snatched up the black sheer net with the tiny sequin spiderwebs above for a 1920's dress project last week as soon as I saw it! The other spider web fabric above is an acetate taffeta with velvet webs, and would make a great dress but I'll be making a circle skirt to wear all fall (and winter too!) long. After stocking up on spiderwebs, I decided to browse the fall novelty cottons in the quilting section and to my surprise discovered a few designs were offered in both the usual 45" width and also 60" widths! 60" fabric= circle skirts in my mind because with wider fabrics you can eek out a circle skirt from only 2.5 yards as opposed to the usual 5 yards required from 45" width fabrics. So into my cart went this wonderful fall leaves print for a full autumnal 50's circle skirt project!

So ladies, get thee to a Joanns if you are after any of their Halloween offerings as the good stuff tends to go fast! (also, no Joanns is not sponsoring this post ha ha) I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on such nice spiderweb fabrics ;)


  1. So your spider webs were so glorious, they were tempting me. So I wound my way through the terrible website that they have and found them. As I was showing them to my husband, asking about what would be better for a halloween gown (we do a scary story party every year), he says "well I think maybe it'd be better with a spider web shrug to do a Morticia Addams thing".

    Well. I already OWN a Morticia Addams style spider web top from Hot Topic circa 2000. So add the delightful sequin spider webs, and this halloween is gonna rock! Thank you for the tip about the new fabrics!!!


    P.S. whatcha gonna make with yours? I can't wait to see!

    1. I'm glad to be able to tip someone off to these great fabrics! Morticia vibes are the best, I think as I get older my style will lean more and more Adams ;)

  2. Love that leaf print, it will make a superb skirt.


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