July 15, 2016

Favorite Podcasts

I don't know about all of you, but I just love listening to podcasts, especially while I am sewing! After all I sew for many many hours a day as I sew when I'm at work, and I sew when I get home! It can be nice to mix up my usual music with some interesting conversation, even if I cant participate in the conversation myself. My taste in Podcasts leans rather nerdy...but I mean, that should be expected from me by now! I thought today I'd share my favorite podcasts with all of you...

1) Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

I already mentioned my love for Sophia Amoruso's excellent podcast on the blog a few weeks ago, but now I am bummed because I am all caught up on Girlboss radio! I actually have to wait for each new episode to come out now instead of listening to them all back to back as I did all last week! Sophia interviews other girl bosses, from Grace Helbig of YouTube fame, to Alyssa Mastromonaco COO of Vice and former Deputy Chief of Staff for President Obama! Listening makes me feel even more motivated to become a better girlboss myself <3

2) Dear Hank & John

I'm not sure if any of you are fellow nerdfighters (wait what?) but if you are you probably already know how great the Vlogbrothers podcast is! John Green (of The Fault in Our Stars fame) and his brother Hank Green (of the internet and SciShow fame) take questions from their audience and give as they dub it "dubious advice" in turn, they also update everyone on their favorite subjects Mars (yes the planet Mars) and English football team AFC Wimbledon. Does this sound a bit random? It is, and in the best way! Give it a listen.

3) Hello Internet

More YouTubers :) This time it's CPG Grey (of YouTube's CPG Grey) and Brady Haran (of Numberphile and dozens of other channels) chatting away about flag design, plane crashes, Apple news, YouTube, and various other things. It is much more entertaining than it sounds I promise, chiefly because CPG Grey is such a strange personality and Brady has a most amusing "normal" perspective making them the perfect odd couple for any discussion!

4) Welcome to Night Vale

When it comes to fiction podcasts, Welcome to Night Vale is my favorite. Consistently creepy, wonderfully surreal, while also often being adorable too thanks to the wonderful narrator Cecil. You simply must give it a listen, only do start from the beginning!

5) MuggleCast

Like I said above, nerdy ;) This Harry Potter focused podcast is one of the longest running Potter podcasts out there, and I have been a listener for years and years since before the last book came out! Now they continue to discuss Harry Potter news like updates in the theme parks, the Fantastic Beasts film, the Cursed Child play and more. I like to keep up with Harry Potter news and there is no podcast better!

6) Game of Owns

Another pop culture interest podcast, this time focusing on Game of Thrones and the Song of Ice and Fire books. The hosts are funny and engaging covering both the show and the books series in what they call their on and off seasons. In their on season they focus on reading through and discussing the books, and their off season is the TV show's on season when they discuss each new episode in two episodes a week! I love listening to the discussion each week during the show, and when I finally do make the time to read the books I can't wait to listen to the rest of their content too!

7) Still Untitled with Adam Savage

Mythbuster Adam Savage's podcast with Tested.com is another constant listen for me. Adam may be a prop maker but he discusses making and creating in general with such passion that as a maker myself (seamstress counts!) I am inspired by his zeal. Film reviews and other nerdy topics are also common, and he has recently introduced a couple of new female guests so that is a nice change up!

I am still looking for a good Star Wars podcast, as I am a total Star Wars nerd too, so if anyone knows of one they like do let me know! In fact, please give me any and all of your podcasts recommendations as I listen to them all week long and always need more to listen to! Especially if you know of any vintage or old Hollywood focused podcasts, as I don't know of any at all. I also really enjoy podcasts similar to Girlboss with a focus on entrepreneurship and badass ladies!


  1. What a lovely image that is of the glamorous 1930s lady listening to her chic radio! I have only ever really listened to psychology podcasts for work, or the comedic 'Confessions' podcasts from Simon Mayo on Radio 2. I like the sound of the Night Vale one, listening while I'm next sewing is a plan! x

    1. I know now I want a chic vintage radio! I need to invent vintage radio looking bluetooth speakers, how awesome would that be? Night Vale is really great and has such an odd/wonderful atmosphere about it, its perfect background for crafting and sewing!

  2. You Must Remember This is about old Hollywood. She does themes each season - I'm listening to the Blacklist series right now. It's really interesting and well-researched.
    Mugglecast has a sister show that's called Alohomora. It's a read-through of the books and now, since they've finished the series, is discussions about topics in the magical world. The hosts are very smart and love the Harry Potter world.
    Sometimes there are hundreds of podcasts for a single topic, like Doctor Who, and then some topics don't have anything. It's crazy.

    1. I will definitely have to check these out! Thank you for the recommendations! :)

  3. Off topic, you had mentioned that you wanted to learn pattern grading.

    A) I believe your pattern drafting book from school has an early chapter on pattern grading (moving the dart points etc etc). My students do it in Pattern Drafting 1 and then never again.

    B) Burda might offer an online course for it. I get their emails, and I'm pretty sure I've seen that kind of thing.

    C) If not Burda, then Craftsy.

    Good luck! Multi-sizing is not something I'm proficient at, but I do agree it seems important for someone who wants to release patterns. :P


    1. Thanks Tegan! I haven't even had time to look into much yet but I am hoping to learn this fall!

  4. Fabulous suggestions! I've been getting into podcasts more and more in recent years (in part because Tony really enjoys them, too). I've often wish there were more vintage related ones as well and have even toyed with the idea of starting one myself, but I feel that a great deal of what we share and how we discuss things in the vintage world is visually based and that without that element (be it a blog post, YouTube video, or social media update), it can be tricky to routinely keep a podcast on vintage going. Not saying it couldn't be done, of course, but I sense that such is a large part of the reason why there really aren't many (vintage related ones) out there.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! I am super into podcasts theses days, I can't get enough of them! Interviewing repro designers or other vintage related people would be a fun podcast, or museum curators who work in fashion departments!

  5. If you want to listen to actual broadcasts of that era "old Time Radio" plays the radio broadcasts of the 40s and 50s. I like Jack Benny and Our Miss Brooks so I subscribe to them and I also like listening to Glenn Miller and they have a podcast that is dedicated just to his music. Most of the shows, if you type in the name of the show, have their own podcast as well. Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but I am a huge fan of old radio and listen to it everyday.

    1. I had no idea such a thing was available! So cool, I'll definitely have to check these out!


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