July 13, 2016

DIY Vintage Style Hat Stands

When you have as many hats as I do, you start running out of places to store them! Still, it is nice to have a few on display, even if it means you have to be wary of dust! I had seen simple wooden hat stands online and thought "I can make that!" and an idea for a DIY was born. I'm no woodworker, but I figured I could find the supplies for such a basic project at my local craft store. I needed a few screws from the garage too, and I asked my dad to help me so I could photograph the process!

vintage turned hat stands

vintage floral stands

You will need:
-5/8" Wooden dowel 
-Wooden discs or plaques (for the bases)
-Wooden spheres or more plaques (for the tops)
-Electric drill
-Hand held saw (or something fancier I suppose)
-Paint or stain

First decide how tall you'd like your hat stand to be and cut the dowel to the correct length with a saw. Make sure this cut is straight across so that your hand stand will be level in the end and not lean to one side or the other.

Pre-drill into each side of the dowel with the drill so that the screw won't split the wood when you go to assemble the hat stand later.

Drill into the center of the wooden bases and tops in order to next screw them onto the dowel.

Lastly simply screw the top and base onto the pre-drilled dowel with a screwdriver. Simply paint or stain the finished stand and pop your hat on top!

The sphere topped stand required a different method of construction. Instead of screwing it on from the top, you have to drill the underside with a 5/8" drill bit so it fits onto the dowel like a cap. Once you have the sphere cored use wood glue to secure it on top of the dowel.

It was super simple to put these two stands together, though I'll admit I have the advantage of my dad's help and all of his tools! Do you display any of your hats or do you keep them all safely stored?


  1. This is inspiringly brilliant! Fantastic work - Tony always says that one day he wants a garage with some woodworking tools in it, and if that ever happens, I know what I'll be asking him to make as one of his projects. :)

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! It's good to have a guy with woodworking tools around, I hope Tony takes up the hobby ;)

  2. This is a great DIY project! Funny, I was just thinking of hat stands the other day and how I should make a few. Most of my hats are kept in hat boxes for safe storage from light, dust, etc. but I do have several hanging on the wall of my sewing room for display. I like to change them around once in a while.

    1. Thanks Emily! I always end up with whatever hat I've worn most recently sitting atop my dresser so I figured I might as well have a stand there!

  3. Fantastic post! My dad keeps promising to make me one like this so I will definitely show him your post and see if it spurs him on at all. xx

  4. I have a milliner friend who has done some fun things for hat stands in her studio/shop, all from items she found for free. One good option is turning a wooden stool upside down so that the seat becomes the base and the legs hold the hats - with optional added wooden or polystyrene balls added to the ends.

  5. Great idea and doesn't seem too hard. The vintage flower ones are great too.


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