July 29, 2016

6 Fashion Blogs Every Vintage Gal Should Follow

I know we all prefer vintage fashion, but that doesn't mean we should leave modern fashion bloggers off of our radar! Especially since so many gals mix vintage pieces with modern fashion in such unique and interesting ways. When I first started following fashion blogs back in 2006 or so, there weren't many vintage focused blogs anyways, not like there are now! Us vintage loving gals can still look to our more modern dressing contemporaries for inspiration, even if it is only in colors paired or moods achieved.

Who doesn't love some deliciously styled photography after all? I thought today I'd share 6 of my most favorite fashion blogs of the more modern persuasion, and ask you to leave me your own favorites in the comments as I always love adding new blogs to the list of those I follow!

1) The Cherry Blossom Girl

Not a new or unknown blogger by any means, Alix has been around for ages sharing her beautiful and girly style snaps! Her style definitely borrows a lot from mid-century inspirations, though the clothes she wears are most often modern designer duds. Though I can't afford to wear Chloe or Marc Jacobs myself, her images are always pretty and inspiring none the less!

2) Pandora

Another blog you may already have on your radar, Louise has been sharing her unique blend of modern and vintage/antique fashion for a while now. Her style often leans towards the 60s or 70s in inspiration, but sometimes she draws from Victorian or Edwardian styles too. She works with designers and professional photographers certainly, but the images are still great inspiration for mixing and matching your own wardrobe with gusto.

3) Bittersweet Colors

There are probably more than a few bloggers who don't have "vintage fashion" blogs but basically have very vintage style, and Veronica of Bittersweet Colors is one of them. With a wardrobe of full 50s styled skirts, Grace Kelly esk collared shirts, and an enviable collection of heels, this woman has an impeccable sense of style! The name of her blog is well chosen as her color mixing skills are the stuff of legend.

4) Keiko Lynn

This sweetly stylish Brooklyn babe does not confine herself to style alone, lifestyle posts mingle with lots of quality make-up tutorials and more on her wonderful blog! I would describe her style as Modcloth personified. (I mean that in the nicest way btw, I'm sure there are people who are anti-Modcloth out there!)

5) Sea of Shoes

It can sometimes be hard to relate to Jane Aldridge, she took part in a coming out at the Hôtel de Crillon for famous/important young ladies, she seems to easily afford Chanel and Prada pumps at the drop of a mouse click, and it seems her style doesn't exactly have a budget behind it. These are all qualities it would be easy to envy, or deride, but not every rich girl can style an outfit the way Jane can. She has the talent for styling, and that's why on an internet full of girls with endless credit and only questionable style, Sea of Shoes stands apart and above the-- well sea of competition.

6) Faiiint

Finishing with something a bit different, Stephanie of the blog Faiiint has the same style as my alter ego. While I love my vintage dresses and Bakelite dress clips beyond measure, if I were banned from wearing vintage style, I would swing over to the all black, modern goth (neo-goth?) styling perfected by Stephanie! Different textures of black clothing, languid draped black jersey and varying weights of leather, add in a little lace and I am sold.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I will have to check out some of those

  2. I follow Pandora, but have tried some of the others mentioned here and found that I couldn't relate to them. Faiint was completely new to me, I do enjoy a bit of gothic every now and again, so might bookmark that one! I think I have some odd choices in terms of non-vintage fashion bloggers, I probably go more for personalities than their actual wardrobes, which defeats the purpose really!!

    1. That makes sense, I suppose I am the opposite and just go looking for pretty pictures! :) I really like Faiint, her style is so different from mine but I love it!

  3. Fantastic list! I completely agree that it's wise to keep an eye on modern/hybrid fashion blogs, too (though, I generally find, few in the more modern world do the same with ours - rather surprisingly!). I think there's something to be learned from, and inspired by, style in any era and even if we might not don modern looks often (or at all, in some cases), it's great to get ideas for things like colour palettes, pattern matching, sources for potentially vintage appropriate items, and so much more.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Exactly! :) I especially like color matching inspiration, even from the runways.

  4. Thankyou so much for including me in this list! I'm so flattered ♥
    I'm the same with blogs too, I follow so many girls who are the complete opposite from my own style, but sometimes I find those even more inspiring. It's always good to draw inspiration from many different places I think. Your style is impeccable, so elegant and refined!

    1. I completely agree! Thanks so much for stopping by, I am fangirling a little bit <3 Your style is so amazing, I've been a fan for years :)


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