December 6, 2015

Giveaway Winner Announcement and Snapshot

 1) Treated myself to the new Welcome to Night Vale novel, then promptly put off reading it for some reason! I need to commit to reading more, I always have so many other things to do instead, I need to make it a priority!

2) I don't know if any of you have Raising Canes chicken places in your town, but I am jealous! I love me some chicken strips and this place is my favorite fast food place by far. I only get to visit when I return to my college town, on this occasion we got greasy chicken and then got all dolled up for a wedding that night!

3) My adorable Cleo keeping me company while I work by chilling half on my lap. (I am a cat lady)

4) Fun photo from Halloween when I played around with my antique black lace shawl. Spooky goth vibes are always good.

5) My Agent Peggy Carter costume! It took me a while to pin all my long hair into a shorter do.

6) It was a pretty gorgeous October/early November here in Colorado, I still wish fall had hung around just a while longer.

7) Some very pretty silk I scored from the bargain table that will become a new blouse eventually.

8) The sketch for my plaid burgundy dress (seen finished here).

9) And the snow arrived! It was bound to happen eventually!

 10) Another blue screen of death. My poor laptop is hanging on by a thread you guys! The trackpad doen't work anymore so I work with a mouse plugged in with a nice long cord, and then the battery is shot so I have to keep it plugged in too...I am always in a tangle of cords! I am saving up for a new computer, hopefully I can get a deal after Christmas!

11) Putting together said burgundy plaid dress. I still cant believe the fabric was so cheap, $3.97 a yard!

12) Embroidering the first big leaf on my Outlander stomacher, I am onto the second leaf now but I feel like it is taking forever!

13) I did finally manage to do my nails pretty for once, and to think I used to have a cute manicure all the time. A new manicure is on my to-do list for tonight.

14) More plaid fabric, I just cant get enough plaid! This skirt turned out so so awesome, I cant wait to show you later this week :)

15) Some gorgeous burgundy and plum cut velvet fabric that I turned into a new 1920's dress with beaded edges. I still need to make the matching silk slip and then I will show you all I promise!

16) Some glittery organza for a secret holiday project I really can't wait to dive into! I have a few more sewing projects to finish up first.

17) Watching Bambi with my best girlfriend, we are big Bambi fans, have you seen how cute this damn film is? I mean come on! I know it is also kinda sad (hunters suck), but the cute outweighs the sad.

18) We put our tree up on Thanksgiving, possibly the earliest we have ever put up our tree! Of course just after we finished Miss Cleo was instantly under the tree.

We arrive at the past few days....when Dita liked my tweet! Notice me goddess! I mean, it was probably a PR person, but my Dita loving heart can dream. In preparation for my copy of Your Beauty Mark arriving soon, I finally just gave in and cut my hair! I was trying to grow it out, but I din't really know why? Just because? I dont know, so I decided to give myself a haircut! I used the popular Feye U-shape cutting method and then put some subtle layers into the very front. It can be scary to cut your own hair, but as I have done it several times before I am relatively confident now. I took off just over three inches, and I need to take off at least another inch as it is still a tiny bit too long for the styles I have in mind. Still, it feels a million times healthier and is soooo much easier to style into a retro look now! I even invested in a Denman styling brush for brushing out vintage sets. I really like the brush so far, it really does make it easier. This weekend's sewing involved some lovely plaid and flocked taffeta in holiday plaid, and a smaller embroidery project that I will share with you all later this week!

Now, if you made it this far...thank you for reading my ramblings! As for my Thanksgiving giveaway, I put all of your lovely names into a hat (literally) and chose just one slip from the pile...

The winner is Samantha Garrett! Congratulations Samantha, I'll be contacting you shortly! Have a good start to the new week everyone <3


  1. What an exciting, jam packed month you had. That's so cool about Dita (or her team) liking your tweet! I adore, absolutely adore, your black lace photo. It's breathtaking!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. How exciting to hear back from Dita! What a lovely mixture of things you have been up to!

    1. Thanks Kate! I was so excited, I love that lady :)


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