October 7, 2015

Costume Favorites: TV

Since it is now October, and Halloween approaches, I thought I might talk about some of my favorite costumes! As a infrequent costumer myself, and a vintage addict, I am always analyzing costumes on screen. I could watch a terrible film just for great costumes anytime! Today I'll focus on TV and next week I'll move onto film costumes.

Of course my newest love holds a special place; Agent Carter is a fabulous show in so many ways, costumes included! I really loved most of Peggy's outfits, and the show had great 40's fashion throughout. There were some really great knits on the supporting ladies! I cant wait for the next season (January! Wahoo!) and as it is set in LA I am hoping for some serious glamour and warm weather style inspiration. The blue dress above, so obviously a patriotic nod to the Captains colors, was memorable and very pretty. I think the outfit below with her red plaid jacket and brown skirt was my favorite of Peggy's looks in the first season. The sharp color of the light blue shirt against the red, the 40's structured shoulder, the feminine nipped in waist, this ensemble has all of my favorite elements!

Then there is Downton Abbey of course, every historic costume loving gal has a few favorites from such a well costumed program! There have been misses on Downton before, at least in my eyes, but I feel like the further into the twenties the show has gone, the more in love with the costumes I fall. Even awkward Edith's costumes are super gorgeous these days! Oddly I had a really hard time finding photos of some of my favorites from the show so I just have a few here to highlight. Also. I sadly haven't been able to start watching series 6 yet, darn that ITV blocking my US IP address! No spoilers please!

This deep burgundy lace dress is one of my favorites, the lace is just so gorgeous! I love the very delicate beading along the edges and the scalloped shaped lining/slip.
One of Mary's awesome beaded dresses, she has worn many, and I had a hard time finding good photos of most of them! There was a dark green beaded dress that I loved in particular that I couldn't find a photo of. I love all of Edith's little beaded dresses too, especially the green and orange colors they favor for her. 
This is one of my favorite of Rose's costumes, I love how the colored floral is incorporated at the top of the dress, so feminine and pretty! I like most of Rose's costumes too, and her wedding dress was totally dreamy! It was an actual vintage gown, what a find for the costumer!
 Luckily while I wait for the next series of Downton to finally arrive in the US I can keep re-watching Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries! Season 3 finally arrived on Netflix and my only complaint was that there weren't more episodes! Give me more! If you visit this blog with any regularity you will know I love the 1920's, which is why having Downton and Miss Fisher's has been such a joy! Phryne Fishers wardrobe is divine from every feather topped cloche down to each elegant t-strap heel. Sure some of her outfits are a bit exaggerated, but that only ends up making me love them more!

I loved this outfit from series 3, the simple black beaded dress is something I would wear myself in a heartbeat! The crazy fuchsia sequin shawl is over the top which is perfect for Phryne, and I love a good tiara anytime!
Phryne is often to be found in gorgeous silks, the ensemble above looks to be made from and Indian sari. Great color!
I really loved this suit of Phryne's too, I never noticed that her belt buckle here is Egyptian revival too! I must make a similar suit someday.
I love this sheer black lace dress worn over a patterned lame underdress/slip. A lace dress like this could be worn so many ways with different colored slips! Miss Fisher's is dripping with late 20's inspiration!
 Lastly in my TV costume nods is Game of Thrones. While Cersei Lannister is one of my least favorite characters (I have no sympathy for her, I think she's vile!) her costumes are often the best. I really loved all of her recent black/mourning gowns. The embroidery and fabrics on the whole show are beautiful (well, for the wealthy characters) and I really enjoyed Sansa's gowns this last season too, even if they royally messed with her storyline. Though I have never made a Game of Thrones inspired costume, I'm sure I will one day. I'd love to make a long sleeved sheath dress in either velvet or brocade with GOT inspired embroidery on the shoulders.

What is this velvet? It's gorgeous!
Goth Game of Thrones style is too yummy, look at that jacquard!
Loved this power gown on Sansa, too bad they took all her power away again last season. I hope she ends up slaying everyone and becomes queen of the North! I vote Sansa!
Another beautiful costume on Sansa.
I know there are a bunch of other costumes from these shows that I loved but cant feature due to there being only bad or no photos of them online. I love the costuming on The Borgia's too, and though I haven't finished watching Outlander I am sure to find even more favorites as I continue watching the show! What are your favorite TV shows for costumes? Any costumes you have seen recently that have really struck you? I have barely scratched the surface here!


  1. Game of Thrones right now is my favorite tv show, even when it comes to costumes, the details are amazing. I'm looking forward to see season 6 (who isn't?) also to see what the new costume designer will do, since Michele Clapton left the show.
    Of course I love Downton Abbey costumes even if I'm not a huge fan of the show (because I didn't watch all the episodes... don't know why).
    I recently started watching Penny Dreadful, and the costumes are really beautiful! I'm so into the story, and I love Victorian fashion.

    1. I totally agree about Game of Thrones! I didn't know Michele Clapton had left the show though! I tried watching Penny Dreadful but the first episode was just so gory that I was a bit put off. I love the time period though so I may try watching it again.

  2. I love this post! Costumes from the media are wonderful sources for inspiration, especially seeing as I want to be a costume designer (among other things, haha).
    I love the 20s/30s costumes in Jeeves and Wooster; most of them are men's wear, but if I could pull off a suit I'd wear it in a heartbeat. There are also some really pretty dresses on the women (and a gorgeous dress suit that Stephen Fry wore in drag, haha), like a floaty, butterfly sleeved chiffon dress in orange, with floral motifs.
    Blandings is also great for costumes, even if they are a little flamboyant and garish for everyday wear. Again, more suits, but Paloma Faith once featured in an episode as a flapper, wearing a lavish, hot pink beaded dress. You need to see it!

    1. Thanks Ellie! You are always making me wish I had more access to British TV, I am stranded here in the US where it can be harder to find! One day I'll see it all :)

  3. Completely fantastic idea for a post series!!! My mind is racing a mile a minute now, thinking of all the different historical TV shows I've watch and the costumes from which I've swooned up a storm throughout my lifetime. From Dr. Quinn to Boardwalk Empire, Wind at My Back to Mad Men, this really is an area that is ripe for the picking and I can hardly to wait to see some of the others that have really spoken to you over the years, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! I really need to watch Boardwalk Empire! It's high on my list (once I have finished my current shows, Outlander and Buffy the Vampire Slayer ha ha!) and I haven't finished Mad Men yet either. So much great TV so little time :)

  4. Some fabulous costume choices here. I love the costumes in Downton and all that glorious embroidery in Game of Thrones. I also enjoy the costumes in Peaky Blinders, Call the Midwife, Home Fires and Our Zoo.

    1. There are so many 1940's shows I need to watch! It seems Britain just churns out more and more period shows for me to watch :)


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