September 8, 2015

Fall Favorites: Some Music, Media, and Activity's for Fall

There are some things that just make sense in fall, pumpkin spice everything, woodsy scented candles, chi tea lattes, and cosying up with a good book while the leaves turn red outside. There are certain films, albums, and things I love all year round, but just feel meant for fall. I thought I would share some of my fall favorites with you all today.

I have a very variable taste in music; I love classical music and film soundtracks, I love indie rock and modern folk, I adore 80's music and 1940's big band. There are a few artists and albums that make up my fall playlist that just feel autumnal to me, and I seriously encourage you to check these out to add to your own

Blitzen Trapper- A great band (wikipedia calls them folk/country, but seeing as I don't like country music and I do like Blitzen Trapper I would disagree with that designation) overall,  but their song Furr is the most wonderfully fall song ever. Enjoy!

Fleet Foxes- More indie folk! I was first introduced to Fleet Foxes back in high school, and their debut album is still one of my favorite albums ever. Perfect anytime of year, but extra perfect for fall.

Lord Huron- Indie folk once more! I think both Fleet Foxes and Lord Huron are perfect bands to listen to with the windows rolled down a bit while driving through the winding roads in the mountains, with the smell of evergreens in the air and a crisp touch of fall in the wind.

Dead Man's Bones- An indie rock duo made up of actor Ryan Gosling and friend Zach Shields, plus the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir. Spooky, vaguely creepy, often fun and definitely perfect music for October.

Then there are the books and films I come back to nearly every fall. Chief among them, Harry Potter! I am a huge Harry Potter fan, even if the hype has died down over the years. I always re-read at least one Potter book in the fall. It's like going back to Hogwarts for the new school year! Other book recommendations include The Night Circus (by Erin Morgenstern) and Mrs Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Friends (by Ransom Riggs). However, I would really love some recommendations from you guys, what books do you turn to in the fall?

There are certain films that I love to watch in the Fall too, there are the Halloween-ish ones like Interview With a Vampire, Sleepy Hallow, and the more silly Adams Family films. Then the period films I watch every year like Little Women. I love watching Little Women in late fall, I really like the film and something about it puts me in the mood for the holiday season! I feel like fall is the perfect time to binge watch Downton Abby too, though this year my new-to-me series I'm watching this fall is Outlander! I am only on the second episode but I can already tell from all the gorgeous Scottish scenery and pretty plaids that the series is perfect for fall! What are your favorite fall/Halloween films and TV?

Then there are the activities I can't get enough of in fall! Chief among them driving in the mountains! To be fair I like driving through the mountains anytime of year though! In the fall, when the Aspens turn bright golden yellow, there is nothing better than stocking the car full of trail mix, playing Fleet Foxes through the radio, and going on a mini-road trip through the beautiful Rockies! For those of you who are lucky enough to share my proximity to the Rocky Mountains, take a mountain drive this fall, you won't regret it!

I am also looking forward to visiting the local corn maze and pumpkin patch.Even though I am now an adult, and sadly haven't carved a pumpkin in many years, I still get excited for these classic fall activities! I also bake in the fall, last year I made pumpkin spiced snicker-doodles and they were delicious! I really want to make those again, and perhaps try some new recipes too. I don't normally bake, so it feels like a fall activity to me somehow!

Of course I love working on my Halloween costume every year too, but I sew all year round! What activities are your favorites for fall? Let me know your music and book recommendations too, I am always looking for more fall themed everything, I am one of those annoying fall addicts who go a bit overboard! I can't help it :)


  1. Absolutely beautiful post, dear Bianca. I completely agree with you regarding how there are some elements of autumn that would would seem incredibly out of place in any other season. I'm so, so happy that fall is upon us again and am reveling in every last aspect of this cozy, gorgeous time of the year, too.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! I know we agree about this season, bring on the cozy autumnal goodness!

  2. These are great books of short stories for Autumn.


    As for music, I listen to a wide range. This is always Autumn for me:


    1. Thanks for all of the suggestions! I look forward to checking these out!

  3. I hadn't really given any thought to autumn music before so it was interesting to listen to your choices. In the UK weekend television improves massively in the autumn, Downton Abbey, Strictly Come Dancing, Mr Selfridge and other period dramas. That is always nice to have good programmes to watch whilst knitting!

    1. I am super excited for Downton Abbey! I definitely watch it as it airs in the UK instead of waiting for the US airing in January...I can't help it!


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