July 29, 2015

The Purple Pet en l'air: Part 3

Well, the work on the main body of the pet en l'air came to a close today! I finally hemmed the bottom edge and then got started on the pinked trimming for around the fronts. I decided to gather and sew the trim on by hand, and though it took a while doing it that way, I liked the extra control. The pet en l'air is essentially finished now!

I still have a few tiny things to finish. I have to tack down the back underneath the pleats for a slimmer look and then I am going to shorten the stomacher I made, as it is just too long! I also dyed the petticoat fabric today too. I bought a stiff semi-sheer cotton in white for a nice lightweight summer petticoat to pair with this pet en l'air, but the white was just too white. I added 4 teabags (2 earl grey, 2 chi tea) to a large pot of hot water and left the fabric in more just a few minutes before wringing it out and throwing it in the dryer. It took the edge off the white just enough so that the fabric is now off-white instead of the brighter white it was before. Hopefully I can complete the petticoat tomorrow and then the new ensemble will be finished and ready to wear!

 I can't wait to wear and show you all the pet en l'air, but I may have to wait for a few days as the forecast says it is going to be over 90 degrees this weekend! I am going to try and wait for day when the temperatures will be a bit cooler before I put on layers of 18th century dress!


  1. Great progress! That fabric is so gorgeous! I melt every time I see it. I love the sheen and elegant regal-ness that it instantly imparts.

    I'm so excited to see the finished garment (once the heatwave is over).

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! It is definitely one shiny project! I almost feel a bit too ruffly while wearing it, but hopefully with a nice simple petticoat and accessories it will look alright!


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