July 30, 2015

Lady in Red : A Dress from eShakti

 A while back, the lovely Alex of Into the Woods blogged about finding modest clothing and offered a $35 off coupon for the online retailer eShakti. I just couldn't pass up $35 dollars...though I ended up spending around that even with the coupon! I decided on this little 40's inspired dress in red jersey with black piping. The bonus with eShakti is the ability to customize your order and I did just that, selecting a longer sleeve and below knee length. I don't usually go for jersey clothing, I tend to avoid stretchy fabrics in favor of  woven cottons and brocades! I thought this would be a good (ie: comfortable) dress for future travels and for work. I was deep in my Agent Carter obsession too, and the shape felt very Peggy! The dress fits perfectly and is indeed very comfortable!

I wore my new red dress with my trusty black t-strap heels that are so thrashed! I bought them way back in high school. I didn't take good care of them those years ago, meaning they have a lot of nicks in the patent and smudges all around. It was high time to order a new pair of black heels, so I finally took the plunge this afternoon and ordered these from Modcloth.

 I was super reluctant to replace my old pair, as I just adore the mix of patent and suede. They are by Merona (from Target) and came in so many colors back when they were for sale in 2008-ish? They came in navy, teal, forest green, grey, black, and burgundy. I bought the black and the burgundy, and luckily my burgundy pair are in better condition than the black pair. I sat down with some black nail polish (liquid patent leather right?) and a huge fat black sharpie to touch up some of the worst bits to try and eek a few more wearings out of my beloved black t-straps. They need the heel tips replaced too, so that's the next step. If only things didn't wear out? I'd love to time travel a bit so I could go back and buy around three pairs of the black and one in the forest green! Hindsight ladies and gentlemen :(

Still, new shoes! I have been eyeing them on Modcloth for a while as a potential t-strap replacement, so hopefully the will fit!

Dress: eShakti (in blue here)
Shoes: Target
Fishnets: Amazon (here)
Jewelry: Vintage
Hat: Vintage
Sunglasses: Forever21


  1. That dress looks like a million dollars on you! It's awesome that you've had far better luck than me with eShakti. Those are some resplendently lovely stockings, too. I adore fancy seamed pairs. They add such joie de vivre to ensemble.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! I feel I must have lucked out, as both this dress and the other item I purchased (a blouse) fit fine! Plus it helps that this dress is a stretch knit so it gives a bit more wiggle room. These stockings are some of the most inexpensive but great pairs I have yet found, I only wish they came in other colors!

  2. Beautiful! The colour suits you so well, and I adore that flowery hat!

    1. Thank you Ellie! It is definitely one of my most favorite hats!

  3. Marvelous backdrop and spectacular dress :)


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