June 26, 2015

Resort 2016 Favorites

You guys know how I like to keep up with modern fashion, even if I don't wear modern clothes much at all! Still, bits of vintage and historic fashions are constantly appearing in the work of modern designers. Though the main fashion events each year are the biannual fashion weeks with the spring and fall shows, pre-fall and resort collections punctuate the space in between the main seasons of shows. This year my favorites for resort are not radically different from my usual preferred designers, including Marchesa, McQueen, and Valentino. 

This gown is perfect for a fancy dinner in Kings Landing, just make sure you leave quickly if they start playing the rains of castamere... (Marchesa)
Like being dressed in gold dusted rod iron, in the best possible way! (Marchesa)
This gown reminds me a bit of blue and white delftware pottery, I could do without the pockets though as they seems to be placed at an awkward level. The embroidery is gorgeous though! (Marchesa)
Why the hideous shoes? I just don't know, but the dress is beautiful! For a garden wedding in the south of France perhaps? (McQueen)
I like both of these items, I would love an army green leather jacket with floral embroidery! The gown could use a slip of course, but it is gorgeous, I love the light shades of  purple and sage. (McQueen)

I love the primary colors on black here! More 3D floral embroidery, and isn't it beautiful! I didn't see much day-wear that appealed to me, but there was plenty of evening options! (Monique Lhuillier)
I love this fabric, though I'd prefer this dress without the strange beading around the arm openings. (Monique Lhuillier)
I like the golden yellow with the deep navy blue, a color combo I definitely want to try this summer! (Oscar de la Renta)
One of those gowns I see and think to myself "I would get married wearing that" (again with a nice mauve silk slip underneath). This is my idea of a perfect gown, multicolored floral embroidery on fine black net, so beautiful!
This coat! Can't you see Miss Phryne Fisher wearing this coat?
Another gorgeous jacket, so beautiful!
Do any of you follow modern fashion? Even though I wear and re-create vintage fashions now, I still watch runway shows and follow the industry just like I did in high school and college.


  1. Swoon!!! How fantastically gorgeous! I agree with you though, why on earth would they shot that breathtaking floral dress with run-of-the-mill sneakers. Things like that make me shudder and wish for the days of mid-century fashion sense all the more!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I think they know no one would/will wear it with shoes like that, it's just their attempt at edgy styling! Still unfortunate, why include an ugly sneaker when a satin pump would be so much nicer!

  2. Just a thought about the pockets on the delft dress. Could they be placed there so the model can use them to lift the hem of the dress in order to walk? I'm sure something similar was seen in the medieval period. What do you think?
    Your blog is an inspiration to me!

    1. That certainly would make sense, I like the idea of pockets on an evening dress these ones just seem at an awkward level, too low on the hips perhaps? And thank you so much Marie, that made my day!


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