April 7, 2015

Spring Green Leaf Nail Art & Tutorial

Hello everyone! As everything has started to turn green again outside, I thought I would do a fun spring green manicure today! I photographed the steps so you too can have a mini garden on your nails if you desire.

You will need:

-A variety of green nail polishes and white nail polish
-Toothpicks or dotting tools
-Small nail art brushes
-Clear topcoat

I used a spare plastic scraper as a palette for my different greens.

I started each sprig with a thin swish.

Then I layered fronds onto my little fern branches with more small swoops, as usual with my nail tutorials, perfection is not necessary!

Add another layer of fronds in a different shade of green.

To make easy petals or leaves, use a slightly thicker brush and just gently press it down to achieve the simple shape. By using a more transparent nail polish you can get an almost variegated leaf look.

For the final touches I added clusters of white dots with a toothpick. You could also do yellow or pink dots, they will look like tiny flowers!

Fini! That's all folks, add topcoat and you are finished!


  1. Soooo pretty! Though no doubt nature would do a number on them in a heartbeat, my very first though when I saw these gorgeous green nails is how cool they'd be to do before embarking on a camping or even safari adventure.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! I only wish I could be embarking on an adventure!


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