March 11, 2015

Simple 1940's/1950's Style Blouses

As I said earlier in the week in my wishlist, I am in desperate need of cotton blouses to wear this upcoming spring and summer. I have been looking for ideas on pinterest of course, and I have complied some of my favorite styles here. I am really looking to create a perfect simple short kimono sleeve pattern that I can modify with different necklines. I wish these vintage patterns were still in production so I don't have to spend all day working out the pattern myself!

 I love the bishop sleeve and V neckline of the above blouse. This one would be pretty simple to draft as the sleeve is still a separate piece.

This pattern would be perfect! I am trying to achieve just this shape! I imagine this one has shoulder pads though, which I am not exactly inclined to use or wear here in 2015! I like the horizontal seam above the bust, instead of a tuck it could be a seam and one could use a different fabric for the top and bottom. A print and a solid, or stripes set in different directions would be super cute!

 This variation has the dart moved up to the shoulder. I really like the pink option on the bottom left as it sort of looks a bit reminiscent of a Chinese cheongsam style.

 Here is another similar short kimono sleeve pattern but the sleeve is done in a raglan style. Again this would be super cute with a mix of solids and prints, checks on the bias and straight grain, or stripes!

 Then look at the long raglan bishop sleeves! The yellow blouse above is my dream blouse pattern! I have the perfect silk fabric waiting to be turned onto that exact blouse, its forest green with taupe, red, and plum flowers.

The last simple style I am interested in reproducing is this lovely wrap top in the upper left hand corner. Below are photos from Life magazine of a near identical style being modeled. It looks like it is pretty much a rectangle, which sounds easy enough to me! I like the idea of having the bow in the back instead of the front though.

My goal for tomorrow is to create the basic version of the kimono sleeve tops near the top of this post and then I will have a base to create the other variations. Hopefully I can work something out as I have a few fabrics ready and waiting to be turned into tops!

images from pinterest (here)


  1. That wrap top is really cool! It strikes me as something that Claire McCardell could have designed.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. That top is my next challenge, I might try and dig up the article the photos are from and see if it included a pattern, though it looks to be just a rectangle basically. I don't know of Claire McCardell so I will have to look her up and find out more!

  2. I kept changing my mind as to my favourite each time I saw the next pattern illustration. So I think
    I want them all! The wrap top looks gorgeous.

    1. I want them all too! Good thing cotton fabric is relatively inexpensive :)


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