October 14, 2014

Autumn Leaves 1920's Dress

I accompanied my mom on a mini trip up to Boulder this weekend so she could get some photos for her photography class. Instead she ended up taking photos of me! We stopped for coffee and then wandered onto the CU Boulder's campus finding this beautiful mini-lake. As a CSU alumna, I cannot actually endorse CU on a basis of pure age-old rivalry, but I have to admit their campus is beautiful! I mean, the oval at CSU will always have my heart, but this little lake/tree/bridge area at CU took my breath away. We braved the rain and chill to get photos in such a great environment.

Dress: Made by me
Jewelry: Made by me
Tights: Target
Shoes: Urban Outfitters (painted gold by me)
Hair Comb: Vintage (etsy)
Flower hair comb: Made by me
I made this dress back in the spring and had to wait for fall to wear it. I mean the print is literally of autumn leaves, in the most fall colors possible. I had originally made the dress too short, it threw the proportions all off and was not nearly as flattering as it is now with a longer hem! Luckily I had kept the extra fabric from cutting the first hem and was able to sew it back on. Now I love this dress! I love the pumpkin orange sash color, I love how fall-tastic the fabric is, I love the shape! Even though this dress is pretty accurately 20's (shape wise, not fabric really) I still think it is surprisingly rather flattering. 

I love wearing these 20's dresses, it is certainly a head turning look here in 2014. People always ask me about my dress when I am wearing one of my 20's dresses, the shapes are just so different from the average norm in style right now. As much as I love my more 50's bodycon hourglass dresses, nothing beats the comfort level of the 20's!


  1. You look as gorgeous as the most radiant forest of autumn leaf covered trees ever! What a becoming, marvelous dress and silhouette. I haven't dabbled much in 20s attire myself (yet?), but I can certainly see how it does look gloriously comfortable and that element of it appeals to me a lot.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! The 20's can be a bit difficult to navigate at first but you just have to find the right styles to suit, and the comfort level is definitely awesome!


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