March 10, 2014

My One Hour 1920's Dresses

So I took photos for about an hour today and yet I only have four to show you! The lighting was just terrible for some reason! So I apologize for the lack of photos in this post! I think what I really need is a photographer other than my cameras self timer sadly. In any case, yesterday I told you all about the 1920's one hour dress pattern and both of these dresses are made using the most basic iteration of that pattern. The first is in a fall print chiffon I fell in love with at Joanns. I just love these colors and the little oak leaves and acorns in the print and I cant wait to wear it next fall!

The other dress (seen below) is in, I admit, a very low quality velvet. The velvet is a dusty purple color with all over 'embroidery' in gold thread. This dress is not my favorite, the pile of the velvet is so low quality I feel I look a bit too much like a bath mat in this dress! It just isn't very flattering, I mean the 20's silhouette on my very 50's hourglass figure just doesn't really work, but I usually just decide not to care because I love the 20's!

I have also noticed the quality of these photos is super grainy and sad, goodness what a bad lighting day! Hopefully I can get better photos soon!


  1. I actually really love the purple one on you. Very va va voom.

    1. Yes, I prefer the purple dress as well.

  2. Thanks Tracey, I'm still very uncertain about that velvet one, it is really warm though, so if I have to be 20's in winter it may get use yet!

  3. Terrifically pretty dresses! I especially love the colour palette in the first one, as the hues of autumn are my favourite of all the seasons. I pretty much live in them non-stop from September to early December.

    ♥ Jessica


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