September 27, 2014

A Modern Collet Necklace

Most 18th century costumers probably know what I mean when I say collet necklace, for those who don't I have included a little screen cap from Marie Antoinette above to show the style! Associated today with modern magazine icon Anna Wintour, the Georgian collet (or  rivière) necklace style has been popular for centuries! Made of either precious stones or of paste (glass), the necklaces can be made of either graduated sized stones or ones of  a uniform size. I have always admired the style and have long been looking for a similar necklace to add to my own collection. That's why when the necklace below came in at my work this month, I knew it would be coming home with me!

Though antique collet necklaces usually have a foil backing behind the stones, and this necklace does not, I still think it captures a very similar look! The earrings are rather Georgian in style as well, and I thought the two together made a nice demi-parure. Get thee to a Banana Republic ladies! The necklace comes in two colors, this clear/white with antique brass and a dark grey with silver. The necklace retails for $59.50 in store and is on sale for $49.99 online. I recommend waiting till you get a coupon (Banana Republic is doing 40% off one full priced item coupons on Wednesdays in Oct) for the ultimate steal! I know that if this necklace ends up going on super-sale later in the season I will try and get the dark grey one too, one can never have too much sparkle in life!

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