July 13, 2014

When You Wish Upon a Star...

More photos from Disneyland, AKA the happiest place on earth! What an amazing day we had at the park this week. Not only did we have time for all of our favorite rides, but we even took the monorail over to Downtown Disney and got Starbucks to fuel our second wind! It was awesome to be able to get a big iced chi tea in the middle of a hot California day. I was wearing my poor parents out on ride after ride so I am glad there was access to coffee!

The new Star Tours is so awesome, I have always wanted to be caught in a space dog fight, zoom around Coruscant or pod race on Tattoine so the ride is heaven for a nerd like me.

Pirates had been closed all morning but the opened it up around 3 o'clock and I was so relived as it is one of my favorite rides!

Has anyone ever noticed how many different lanterns and lamps Disneyland has going on? Also, the above wallpaper in the Haunted Mansion is super pretty, I want it for my own halls someday!

I still don't know how to use my camera at night, or during the day either really. One of my goals for the upcoming months is to learn how to actually use my DSLR. I especially have trouble at night/indoors as the above photo of the castle supports.

The fireworks at Disneyland really are spectacular, they have so many custom aerials in such bright colors!


  1. I'm really enjoying these Disneyland photos and getting to live vicariously through you! One of my earliest life memories is from Disneyland, but I haven't been since then. One day!

    1. I;m glad you are enjoying them, I just love the place, Disneyland is an expensive day but a very fun one!


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