July 19, 2014

Less Curious Cabinets

My grandparents house in San Diego is full of various treasures, old family photographs going back ages, curious objects from their travels at Sea, mid-century modern furniture and even a gold plated silverware set (for when you feel like dining like royalty). Obviously I am very attached to the house, and I cannot really separate its treasures from the walls that house them. While I was visiting, I poked my head into one of their cabinets in order to show you a few of these treasures.

Most of these items below belonged to my grandmother Barbara's aunt Beth (who I am in no way related to in truth, but I admire for her inarguable style). My grandmother let me take her compacts and cigarette holders out of the cabinet so that I may show them to you all here on the blog.

Look at the art deco styling on the silver compact! both of these still had their powder inside.
A combination lighter and cigarette case, along with three very long cigarette holders! I just want to imagine the dresses these items accessorized! 
A vesta case (to hold your matches) inscribed Tom and the year 1887!  I'm not sure what the scene is, but it looks like maybe a hunting scene?

This was her dance card notebook! So amazingly Art Nouveau! The tiny pencil still has its lead but the papers inside are all gone now. Ladies brought little notebooks or special cards to record the names of the gentlemen with whom she intended to dance each song/dance with for the evening. Pity the man who got to her last once her slots were all filled in!

I'll talk more about my grandparents and their house tomorrow, I hope you are all having a marvelous weekend so far!


  1. These are so beautiful and intriguing! I love love love the dance card notebook!

    1. Isn't it divine? another relic of the past, I wish art nouveau would have another revival!

  2. Massive vintage and antique swoon!!! Oh my word, these treasures are so very lovely. It's awesome that you have grandparents who have always been so keen on preserving family heirlooms like these. I wish I could say the same about my relatives. Ohhh, and that dance card necklace will have me daydreaming for months!!! I really, really must find one of my own some day. They're such a cool, nearly forgotten element of yesteryear etiquette.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. That compact is so cool, and I love the dance card notebook!! I need one now! ;-)

    1. I have seen a few on Etsy before, but they can be quite pricey it seems!


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