July 5, 2014


To celebrate the United States birthday yesterday, I thought my new polka dot dress would be perfectly patriotic! I was supposed to go into work but then (frustratingly) ended up not having to, so instead I got some more sewing done. I have another summer dress in the works, something a little more tropical! I'm using the same pattern that I used for this red dress, only modifying the neckline for a little variation. I have quite a few dresses planned, all using fabrics from my stash. Stash busting is good for the seamstress soul!

Dress: made by me (cotton from Joanns)
Shoes: Nine West
Jewelry: Vintage (Etsy)
Belt: GAP
I even had time to try and hot set my hair! It is still such a strange length right now, making any style difficult. I just bought some new foam rollers so I can try an overnight wet set and see if those results are worth sleeping in curlers. It may not be the most comfortable option, but at this point I would do almost anything to avoid morning hair frustrations!

I ended up changing into a more casual outfit later in the day to go to dinner with my parents at the pizza place where my brother works. We hadn't gone to see fireworks in a few years due to travel and whether cancellations, so I was extra excited to go see some "bombs bursting in air" as it were. I love fireworks, so I am glad I get to see some more next week at Disneyland!

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