March 4, 2014

Strapless Stays of Doom

I say of doom because I started sewing these at the end of summer and I just now finished, but also because they have some issues. I finally got to try them on after finishing the hand sewn eyelets down the back and the top of the back edge sticks out oddly from my shoulder blades. I think my options are either to a. cut down the top edge of the back, trim all the boning and reattach the binding or b. add some sort of strap to hold down the top edge to my back. I honestly am loath to do either because I want these to be done! Oh stay making, why must you be so troublesome! I would rather trim the back down and inch or so, but if that doesn't fix the problem I would be so sad to have done all that work for nothing!

These stays are made with three layers, a simple cotton for lining, a cotton twill for stability and a fashion fabric outer layer of jacquard. I had started binding these in the summer with light pink binding but I hated how it looked which is what originally stalled me. I found a few packages of this golden tan bias binding on sale at Denver Fabrics this fall and like the color combination so much more! These are entirely boned with thick cable ties from Home Depot which I think is actually contributing to the way they flare out since the cable ties come rolled and have a natural coil because of it. Other than that, and having to sand the edges smooth, I really like using these cable ties for boning.

This fabric has been in my stash waiting to be transformed into an 18th century something for a long time. I just love the print and the colors so much! I want to construct a jacket, probably something like the costume close up swallowtail jacket because it is just too cute! I'll be constructing the whole thing in the most historically accurate way possible in an attempt to have some actually accurate 18th century costumes for once. I can't help but want to use my sewing machine all the time because I am ever impatient, but this jacket will be a longer term project and challenge to do everything the accurate way! I can't wait to start even though I have other projects to finish first!

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  1. It's very admirable that you're so determined to replicating 18th century design right now to foregoing using a sewing machine. Way to go, dear gal! I'm sure that the piece you create by hand from this elegant floral print will be absolutely breathtaking.

    ♥ Jessica


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