March 6, 2014

Exciting Things, a Links Round Up!

Today just some things I am excited about, besides that Game of Thrones is coming back soon! There is a new series debuting on Showtime called Penny Dreadful that looks very intriguing. I have always stayed as far away from horror television as I have from horror films, but this looks too Victorian to pass up. I hope it is really good and not really cheesy, but the sets and costumes look awesome so I will definitely be watching in May when it comes out. 

Then there is of course Ripper Street season 2 currently airing on BBC America, I hadn't realized it had started so I set the DVR to record just last night! I love this show and I really cant wait to watch season two! The gritty criminal London is a perfect playground, one I live in for my own writing as well. I find watching the show a perfect way to get in the mood for writing about the same infernal grimy streets of London's past. If you haven't seen series one yet I highly recommend the show!

The film Belle isn't coming out until May but I am as excited for the costumes as I am for the story. One of my favorite time periods for clothes so I hope they do it justice! And Dido Elizabeth Belle's story is so interesting that the film should be too. I have been to Kenwood House, where she lived, and can attest that the house is mega gorgeous, so I wonder if they filmed any of the movie there as it would be a great location to see on screen. I am really hoping this comes to a theater near me as sometimes period or art films don't make it to Colorado.

Finally, if you live on the East Coast here is a great opportunity to see some fabulous costumes up close! Delaware's Winterthur Museum currently has an exhibit of 40 costumes from Downton Abbey that are on display in what looks like a great exhibit! I wish this had opened earlier in the year so I could have made the trek to see it while I was in DC. Hopefully I can make it back to the East sometime this year before the exhibit closes! Check out this article about the exhibit to see more.

One last awesome thing is that Google maps has overlaid old maps of London over their google maps interface, so you can now zoom in and out of London circa 1893-5. For a writer this is an amazing resource let me tell you! Check it out here.


  1. I need to get into watching Ripper! So many of my favourite series ended last year (like Dexter, Breaking Bad, Cooper, and Bomb Girls) and I really feel like some new ones are required to help fill the void in my heart and on my TV screen that they left. As I adore both historical shoes and crime based ones, Ripper is right up my alley! (Potential pun about where Jack committed some his dastardly deeds not intended).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Ripper Street is so good! The first season is on netflix now too conveniently! I hope you enjoy the show!


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