December 2, 2013

Twenties Cleopatra Dress : Bodice Finished

This weekend I finished the bodice of the Cleopatra dress! Well, I still have to sew the trim onto the edges of the sleeves, but other than that the entire top is done! I figured out the wrap front and sewed on many hooks and eyes and three tiny snaps to figure out a semi-period correct way of fastening this silly dress. I have added the front skirt drape which only wants for a hem, and after I add a drape similar to the back the over-dress will be done! Then I shall begin the new slip (slips?) for this costume and it will finally be finished!

Sadly this week will be extra tiring and I will have next to no time for sewing as my team at work is working extra hours! That means two ten hour days in a row for me, I know already that I will be DEAD tired, as I am normally but now I will have even less sleep! Hopefully I can get this dress finished next weekend!

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