November 4, 2013

Lady Edith Necklace

On Downton Abbey (yes I have been naughtily watching series 4 along with Britain! no spoilers I promise!) Lady Edith has been wearing this outfit a lot and I just love it! I knew if there was one part of this outfit I could have for myself it would be her subtle gold and coral necklace. I made a similar necklace with coral colored glass beads and some tiny gold toned seed beads. Though I think Edith's necklace is gold chain, not beads, I still think this necklace captures a similar look. I might try and find a pretty gold chain to make another necklace more similar to Lady Edith's. If I do, expect to see this pretty beaded version in my etsy shop up for grabs for another Downton lover!

1 comment:

  1. Hi! So glad i found this blog post, ever since I saw this episode I've been obsessed with finding this necklace and finally have found a shop that can make it for me, just need the pic to show her. Nice to see that someone else felt the same way about the necklace :)

    Br Anna in Sweden


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