November 6, 2013

Costuming Plans 2013

So, seeing as it is fully fall now I thought I had better reassess what my costuming plans were for the rest of the year. I had planned to make so much more than I have been able to since I started working full time! So here is the new list of costuming goals for the rest of this year!

1. Finish the strapless 18th century stays! All I have left to do is finish the binding and lacing eyelets!

2. Finish the 1920's Cleopatra dress, the costume slip is near finished but the overdress is non-existent! I need to drape the pattern and start it! I also want to make a very simple navy blue slip to wear under this dress to be able to wear it out in the modern world too.

3. Make a set of early 20th century (Edwardian) undergarments, shift, corset, corset cover, and petticoat! All for an upcoming Gibson Girl-tastic Edwardian evening gown! The gown will have to wait until next year but I need to finish the under-stuff first!

4. A velvet 1950's wiggle dress, because of reasons :)

5. A plaid holiday dress for Christmas time, because I already have the fabric!

I am hoping to finish the stays and the 1920's dress over my little Thanksgiving break from work (Thanksgiving day and the day after! yeah!) so then I can move onto the other things for December. I may not get everything done knowing my crazy schedule but I am hoping I can knock out the simpler stuff within a weekend day. The shift, corset cover and petticoat shouldn't be super time consuming but I expect the corset will be as I have never made an Edwardian corset before! The 1950's wiggle dress should only take me a day, a full day but a day none the less. I have yet to fully lock in a design for my plaid holiday cocktail dress but it too will involve velvet I think, I have to see how much of the plaid holiday taffeta I have first!

I hope everyone reading this is having a lovely week!

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