July 25, 2013

Stays Progress

The stays are looking a lot more like stays at this point! I ended up being lazy and just machine stitching them together at the side seams. I know I always start with the best intentions! I just feel like these are taking forever and I wan't to move onto the gown! In any case, its time to sew on the binding, the least fun part of any stay making experience. I have some seriously tedious work ahead of me. 

After I have finished binding the stays I plan on making the lining (with as few seams as possible) and sewing that in over the binding on the inside. I'm not quite sure if one is supposed to sew the lacing holes through the lining or leave that area blank so I am going to have to look into that. Still so much left to do on these! 

In news related to my post a little while ago about floral headbands/hats, I paused my stay-making to try my hand at making a little flower hat/headband thing in a vintage style. I will write up how I did that and show you guys that soon!

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