July 29, 2013

Denver Botanic Gardens

One of my favorite places to visit in Denver, especially during the summer, is the Denver Botanic Gardens! The gardens display a huge variety of flora from North America and around the world spread out into over 25 different gardens. There are classical symmetrical gardens and more modern landscaped areas featuring modern sculpture. They also have wooded areas with paths through the trees, desert landscapes with cacti and a Japanese garden complete with elegant koi fish.

 I always find gardens inspirational, to me the many textures and color combinations suggest textile prints. There were some beautiful flowers in bloom this past weekend including tons of gorgeous water lilies! One day I would love to do a photo shoot in the garden of either modern fashion design work on historical dress, either way the gardens would provide a great backdrop! I brought my still new DSLR with me to try and take some nice pictures and I am pretty happy about how most of them came out! I have a lot to learn about photography but having a great camera makes such a difference!

I have finally finished the stays so I'll show you those tomorrow! I might be going to the Renaissance Festival this weekend, in which case I may try and knock out a new outfit for that!

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