September 22, 2017

Butterick Fashion Magazine Autumn 1940 - Part 3 (final pages)

Tonight I have got the final pages from the Autumn 1940 Butterick Magazine to share with you all, and like the first two posts of images, I am loving the inspiration to be found in these pages fro the past! The colors used in the printing are particularly nice, and I have definitely been inspired to try and add a few new colors to my collection of vintage accessories (like a rusty red, a lighter milk chocolate brown, and of course the ever effervescent chartreuse). I have been a bit behind on pulling together my fall sewing and wardrobe planning this year, but browsing vintage images gives me a boost when trying to style some new ensembles for fall. 

Happy Autumn equinox everyone! I think I'll be celebrating the seasons turn with some cedar scented candles, a cozy blanket with a cat on my lap, and watching something spooky ;)


  1. Gorgeous. I have really enjoyed seeing all of these pages.

  2. Heh. Every so often I think a decade's 'not for me' but then someone puts up a post that makes me change my mind. I was starting to think the 40s weren't for me, but all these clothes are like something out of a film noir... and I love films noir! Now it's making me hanker for 40s styles again.

    1. The 1940's are the tops for me! I just love the whole decade, from the more 30's-ish stuff at the start to the more 50's postwar new look at the end of the decade <3


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