February 20, 2015

New York Fashion Week Favorites FW2015

It's that time of year again, fashion week (month) for Fall/Winter 2015 fashion! This past week was New York Fashion week and I have compiled some of my favorite looks for you here in this post. As always, I prefer Milan and Paris fashion weeks, so I will have to wait a few weeks for the European style and decadence I truly adore. New York has a lot of young modern designers who create great clothes that are not at all my style, still some shows shine through for their mood or color scheme. Here were the looks I found inspiring from New York...

1) Altuzarra look #10: I love the yellow and brown trousers with the indigo blue, a great color combination. Plus this look actually is retro in a 70's way. I won't be donning 70's style anytime soon but any retro look tends to draw my eye.

2) Altuzarra look #29: This seems sorta 1940's to me for evening. The color is gorgeous and I actually like the high slit with the long sleeves. I would wear it with black swiss dot tights, gold shoes and victory rolls (and a black birdcage veil).

Overall I liked the Altuzarra show, good colors and textures even if most looks were not in my preferred silhouette.

3) Tory Burch look #24: This entire show was very 1970's; long tie neck blouses, ethnographic prints in warm colors, and tall brown boots. I like a lot of the textiles and colors and could see myself working them into a more "me" 50's silhouette. I always like a world traveler kind of look.

4) Badgley Mischka look #4: The one look that caught my eye at Badgley Mischka, though there were some nice textile treatments in the show. This dress looks very late 50's/early 60's, I would pair it with more subdued hosiery and shoes of course.

5) Carolina Herrera look #17: Though this collection felt pretty disjointed to me, this water print evening down with shining barnacle like embellishment stood out.

6) Prabal Gurung look #7: My favorite thing about this dress is the sharp lace at the bottom, it turns a sorta-boring look into a more chic dress overall. I don't wear light beige/blush but I like the dress anyway, the embellishment looks like snowy mountains from the view of an airplane (or is that just me?).

7) Christian Siriano look #43; I would gladly wear this gown to the Oscars if I were attending this weekend! Very 50's, and I love the fabric and colors. I even like the center front of the skirt being shorter to show off your shoes. This collection has me wanting to find a nice rich brown brocade now!

8) Monique Lhuillier look #34; As I am obsessed with green lately, and always love beading, this gown called out to me. I love the romantic floral pattern and the soft forest green color. Overall the shape seems kinds late 30's early 40's to me too, I would love to have this gown in my closet.

9) Monique Lhuillier look #36; Another green gown, I told you I am all about green right now! Same shape as the last gown only in olive and teal. Again would look totally glam and 40's with Veronica Lake waves.

I would say overall from New York, my favorite show was Michael Kors, which is not usually the case! I just loved his color palette and the abundance of classic wool pieces in the collection. I want the mauve suit above, it is divine! Now I am thinking I need to make a colored faux fur collar for next fall (and also a cute 40's suit in a tiny wool check). My favorite thing about the show was the muted fall colors, so I put together a collage of the collections details below to get a look at them all together. I want an acidic lichen green silk blouse or sweater to wear next fall. Perhaps I will finally even give in and start incorporate some brown into my wardrobe too. Either way I have fabric shopping to do!

All of the images in this post today are from Style.com, and as always you can check out all of these shows in full on their site. I will now await more fall glamour at Milan and Paris fashion week (sorry London). Until then, I have my own wardrobe to sew!


  1. Oooohh, how I adore the rich, lux, sophisticated autumn palette at work in the bulk of these images. I know they're FW fashions, but we've seen such a hodge-podge of hues (including pastels) for fall and winter in recent years that it's flat out refreshing to be treated to actual autumn tones in their respective season.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I just love autumn colors so I am always pleased to see them! Plus I just don't look good in most pastels, even if I like them they never seem to like me back!

  2. The mustards, greens and blues are gorgeous seen all together. I really like the bags on the left of your collage too. Lots of autumn inspiration here.

    1. I agree, I need to upgrade my wardrobe now!


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