January 20, 2015

Colour Pop Cosmetics Review

  When I first started wearing make-up, lo those many years ago, my favorite thing to do was to pack on sparking glittery eye shadow. Back then it was mostly in an effort to distract from my acne prone skin, puberty was not kind to my complexion. My mom took pity on me and let me start wearing make-up, not face make-up because I had enough skin issues, but eye-shadow and lip-gloss. I started wearing make-up in middle school, which seams early somehow but perhaps by today's standards it isn't? In any case, my love for sparky eye shadow hasn't really waned, even if my taste has evolved somewhat from turquoise glitter.

That's why when I recently discovered a new-ish cosmetics line called Colour Pop, I couldn't resist placing an order right away! I heard about the company initially through a YouTuber  (Kristina Horner) who recommended their lippie stix lipstick in a monthly favorites video. I clicked over to check out the site and fell in love with their selection of lipcolors. I did some more digging around on YouTube to see what the beauty gurus were saying and everything was super positive so I decided to take the plunge and order a few of their lippie stix and super shock eye shadows.

I am just going to disclaimer right now, I bought these products with my own money and am in no way affiliated with Colour Pop. I am about to rave about them though so I thought I'd let you know upfront that I'm not being paid to say any of this!

I have nearly forgotten to mention that each product is only 5 dollars! I don't usually spend a lot of money on make-up (with one exception, being MAC foundation). I watched some YouTube reviews to look at swatches before choosing a few colors to try. All of Colour Pop's cosmetics are also cruelty free and made in the USA which are really great qualities in any brand really!

  I ordered three of their matte lippie stix, which are twist up lipsticks in clean white tubes. The shades I chose were Bichette (a deep red), Feminist (eggplant purple), and Bull Chic (a matte black). I really like darker alternative lipsticks, I bought a navy blue lipstick recently too, so I wanted to try out Colour Pop's black lipstick. Finding nice opaque and long lasting black lipstick can be a struggle but Bull Chic from Colour Pop is a total winner! Feminist is the most lovely deep purple, super dark and opaque with no shimmers or glitter to mar it's perfect tone. Even though Bichette is a dark red, like so many lipsticks I own, I have fallen in love! It is the perfect deep red without skewing burgundy. Better yet all three lippie stix shades stay in place for hours (even after eating lunch!) which is a great quality in any lipstick! Though they are matte they arn't super drying like many formulas can be, but they also arn't too creamy so they don't end up smearing everywhere.

I'm sorry my swatches aren't the best in this post, I have never swatched anything before! Above you see the three lippie stix and I am wearing Bichette in the photo below!

  I also bought four of Color Pop's super shock eye shadows to try. The formula of these shadows is really unique in that they are a light creamy texture that goes on somewhere between a cream shadow and a powder. They aren't a traditional cream shadow, they have a hard-to-describe almost mousse like texture. I am more used to using powder/dry eye shadows, but I have found these really easy to use once you get the hang of them. 

I choose the shades I Heart This (a sparkling light taupe), Meow (a silvery cool lavender), So Quiche (a light olive based taupy color with pink sparkle), and Hammerd (a sparkling olive green). I should note that not all of Color Pop's shadows are a glittery finish, some are metallic or matte I just ended up choosing glittery ones. I have been using these with ELF (EyesLipsFace) glitter eye-primer which helps me get the most glittery pay-off from these eye shadows as it makes the lids a bit sticky. That's not to say that these eye shadows don't have awesome color pay-off because they definitely do, these are excellent eye shadows! In fact...I have already ordered more of them and they are on their way as we speak!

In the photo above I am wearing I Heart This on my lids as a sparkling companion to my ever present black winged eye liner. I wore Meow, in combination with teal shadows from NYX, in my outfit photos yesterday! I was also wearing the Feminist lippie stix yesterday too, so scroll down to that post to see how that shade looks on. Again I apologize for my swatches, the colors are quite accurate even though the focus isn't the best. You get an idea of how shimmering these are though!

Having already placed another order, I am going to try and be good and not place a third...These products are just awesome and quiet inexpensive I can't help it! If you have been in the market for some new shadows or lipsticks, or just want to treat-yo-self, definitely check out Colour Pop's website and peruse their goodies!

Again: No I was not paid for this post, all opinions are my own, and the products were bought with my own money!


  1. Oooohh, I am such a fan of sparkly makeup (that doesn't look costume-y - unless that's what one is going for) and those eye shadows instantly called my name. With such a reasonable price point, I may just have to give them a spin myself this year. Thank you very much for the great introduction to this brand!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I already received my second order today, be careful as these products are addictive! <3


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