December 5, 2014

The Late Victorian Corset: Part 4

The silk bias for the corset has been cut and ironed! Such a basic task, and yet one I have only just gotten to. I can happily report that one half of the corset is finished and bound! I will sew the other half of the binding on tonight and then all I will have left to do is the flossing!

I have been looking into different flossing resources, like this guide from Sidney Eileen and this library of flossing patterns from Foundations Revealed. I still want to use mint green thread on the smooth black silk of the corset for a nice contrast. Sadly I still haven't been able to find a lace trim I like for the top edge, though luckily that can always be added later. I have however bought some lovely vintage mint green silk ribbon for a center front bow!

It feels good to be nearly done with the corset now, though that means I need to make a chemise to wear underneath it!

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