December 4, 2014

Some Sketches and a Cold

The only good thing about having a cold is having an excuse to slow down and take it a bit easy this week. While I try to fight off a sore throat this week, I have been able to look at all of my current projects and reassess a few things I want to do differently. I also have been able to finish all my Christmas shopping from the comfort of my bed, which is why I love the internet!

Some of you may remember a post I did a few months ago about my plans for using up my stash of fabrics to create some new dresses, including a few Renaissance inspired numbers! Well I managed to knock out two of those planned dresses soon after that post, but ever since I have been focused on other things, including the dress I wore to the Cartier showing and the Victorian corset. I still have to finish up work on the corset, it just needs binding and flossing. However, while I'v been being lazy this week (...I mean recuperating from my cold, ahem) I have reconsidered some of my dress design plans and added a few new dresses to the line up!

I just have so much fabric waiting to be transformed into a pretty fabulous wardrobe! I have become enchanted by the 1950's again too, which means I finally have figured out what to make with some of my more 50's-ish fabrics. I even have some grey wool that I may try and coax into a little 50's suit! So many ideas, so little time, as usual. I definitely still want to make the last of my Borgia's inspired dresses, in violet and wine colored brocade no less!

Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful week, it's nearly the weekend again already!

On the page in the center, a grey wool and black lace mini-suit with a 50's bolero jacket, and a cute 40's/50's dress in a tan and brown plaid!


  1. Gorgeous sketches! I look forward to seeing more creations from you :) Hope you feel better soon.


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