October 2, 2014

Leaves and Berries Fall Nail

I have long been a bit nail polish obsessed, and therefore aware of the huge nail art community online. There are literally hundreds of YouTube videos, tutorials, pinterest boards and nail blogs out there! I love browsing the blogs for nail art inspiration and decided recently to invest in some new nail art goodies to play around with. I have been aware of nail art stamping plates for a while but had yet to buy any myself, so I picked up this inexpensive one from etsy to try out the technique!

Nail art stamping plates are thin metal plates with designs etched into them (presumably by a laser). You fill these designs with nail polish, pick up the image on a little silicone stamper tool, and then stamp the designs onto your nails. It sounds more complicated than it is, it is just a bit hard to explain. I'll point you towards this YouTube video to get a better idea of the process.

This was my first time experimenting with doing a complete manicure with this new-to-me technique. I chose to buy this plate in particular because of the little leaves and berries design, so I decided to create my first stamping mani using that pattern.

Since it is seriously fall now, even the weather here has been grey, cold and rainy this week, I decided to go for a darker nail. I used a black polish (Wet n' Wild black creme) for my base color and a green duo-chrome polish for the design (Topshop Hidden Treasure).

Here is my new stamping plate, the design I used for this mani is second from the right in the second row down.

 My black base, I will note this mani isn't exactly perfect, I am still learning how to stamp and pausing to take photos doesn't make for the most streamlined process!

Paint on your stamping color

Scrape over the blob to distribute the polish and squeegee off excess

So far I like using an old gift card (or in this case an old sim card thingy) to scrape as it doesn't scratch the pate
pick up the design

Now it is on your stamper! Stamp it onto your nail before the polish dries!

Clean off the stamp between each nail, I binder clipped the cotton ball so I wouldn't ruin my nails

Before you know it, pretty patterned nails! So far I am loving this technique, I now have a long wishlist of plates I want to add to my nail art tool kit! Though the nail art trend at large is definitely winding down, I am still having a lot of fun decorating my finger tips. Would any of you ever try stamped nail art?


  1. That looks much easier than I would have imagined! And I love that pattern! :)

    1. It really isn't too hard once you get the hang of it, I practiced for a bit just stamping a piece of computer paper to get the technique down. It's really quite fun and there are hundreds of different stamping plates out there with all kinds of motifs!


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