October 3, 2014

Brocade Subtly Renaissance Dress

Remember when I told you guys about the Renaissance inspired dresses I was planning for fall? Here is the first one! (I actually completed a different dress first, but more on that next week...) I have had this olive green brocade for a long time, it was originally destined to be a pencil skirt, but since I had a few yards, I decided to go for a dress instead! For some Renaissance flair I added dark olive green velvet trim to the bodice and sleeves. I also added a strip of ivory silk and some tiny ivory pearls to the front neckline for an additional antique inspired touch.

There's me and the original sketch above. I decided against the velvet trim down the center of the front bodice, because sewing the velvet trim on was anxiety inducing! 

Dress: Made by Me
Shoes: Target (years ago...)
Necklace: Vintage (etsy)
Earrings: Made by me

the neckline trims
I also wore the dress this past weekend for my trip down to Colorado Springs with a velvet belt. I really like this belt, but I feel a wider belt like this makes me look so short waisted so I left if off when I wore the dress again today.

I have gotten a ton of sewing down this past week so I have lots to show you guys! Hopefully the weather holds out (it has been raining a lot here lately!) for some more outfit photos for you all.


  1. It turned out beautiful!

  2. That is lovely! The historical inspiration is subtle but effective. I'd love to see a close-up of the neckline detail.

    1. Thank you Tanith! I'll try and find a good photo of the neckline and add it in!

    2. Gorgeous! Thanks :) The pearls look lovely.

  3. Such a gorgeous dress, I really like the brocade and the trim.


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