October 31, 2014

Halloween Greetings from the Cemetary

Happy Halloween closet historians! I decided to jaunt over to the nearby Littleton cemetery for some spooky Halloween themed photos. This cemetery is one of the older ones around this area, with graves dating back to the 1860's. Thanks to its age, the cemetery also has beautiful old mature trees. Though this isn't a very creepy cemetery overall, I still wouldn't want to live in the houses that were right across the street! A pretty gothic view to wake up to every day, a reminder of ones mortality perhaps?

Top: h&m
Skirt: MCQ for Target (I added the lace)
Tights: Target
Belt: Vintage
Earrings: Made by me
Shoes: Modcloth
I love these shoes! I bought them ages ago from Modcloth but I don't get to wear them very often because velvet shoes are definitely fall/winter, but also cant be worn in any rain or snow! We moved on from the graveyard to an old Victorian house in old town Littleton. It was,until recently, a tea shop but is now for sale and empty (and creepy). Part of me wishes very much I could buy this place, fix it up cute and have a boutique on the ground floor and live above. A girl can dream.

I hope you all have a wonderful and spooky Halloween!


  1. Love the outfit and the shoes in particular! Isn't there just something so hypnotising about any cool place that is empty and for sale? I can't help imagining how I would use it, or the dream business it would work best for (even if that isn't my dream).

    1. Thanks Tanith! I dream of having my own boutique someday! That house is in my favorite part of town, "old town" Littleton. Any space there is a space I would love to rent/own!

  2. Hello there!
    I would have probably find this place of yours on my own, but with the help of Jess (from Chronically Vintage), I've found this out sooner. Might I say: what a lovely blog you've got here.
    I like your texts. They are well written.
    ..and I like your outfit.


    1. Thank you so much Maja! Jessica is the sweetest gal, I'm ever so lucky she led you here!


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