September 15, 2014

Even More Jewelry

As you all may have noticed, I am a bit of a jewelry fiend. I have been making jewelry forever and it is certainly one of my most favorite hobbies. Though another of my favorite hobbies is shopping, and stalking etsy for the perfect bargain! I usually allow myself one etsy purchase per paycheck, even though that is still a naughty habit! I thought I would show you guys some of this summer's vintage acquisitions!

The silver and blue 50's necklace has been a super useful addition to my vintage jewelry collection. For some reason I tend to never buy blue when shopping for clothes or accessories, but I really like the color so I am not sure where this aversion comes from! This necklace was around $15, I usually don't spend more than $20 on any etsy purchase! I have worn this necklace a lot this summer with my navy pencil skirt or with my red polka dot dress for a subtle patriotic color scheme.

The golden fern necklace I originally favorited on etsy with the idea to take it apart and make it into a fern tiara/headband. I fell for it in its original form as a necklace and ended up keeping it intact! I love ferns and don't often see them here in Colorado due to our mountain climate. 

The golden flower link necklace reminded me of Tudor jewelry and I thought it would look great with my fall dresses and so I snatched it up quick! I am always on the look out for pieces that merge the mid-century and renaissance (or Victorian, or Egyptian) aesthetics.

The silver necklace is made up of shining dropping flower blossoms that are rather art nouveau in shape. Just like I subconsciously avoid blue, I also tend to buy gold over silver and so I realized I had no silver mid-century necklace. Easy to fill a hole in my collection with a quick trip to etsy. (I swear etsy isn't paying me, I just adore that website)

 Besides the necklaces, I have added one bracelet and two brooches to the hoard. The bracelet is very Victorian revival looking and had a good subtle mix of colors so I knew I could wear it with anything. The frosted blue palm brooch was just too awesome to pass up, I think it was only $5 dollars too! I love the christmas light looking glass bulbs and tropical 50's tiki style! I wore it with my cotton 50's dresses all summer! The last brooch was an impulse buy, just too pretty to avoid my etsy cart at under $10! I love the mix of red and gold and think it will look fabulous with a red velvet dress come winter.

Hello, my name is Bianca and I am an esty shopaholic! Luckily I don't have much to spend, which makes my quest to find only great deals mandatory and keeps me in check. I haven't actually ordered anything for a while now, I have been acquiring fabrics for fall instead! Which reminds me, I need to get back to sewing!


  1. Your closing paragraph describes me to a tee as well. I madly love Etsy and buying vintage elsewhere in general, but my budget is always very modest, so I've taken deal hunting to a fine art at this point. :)

    Your sparkling, beautiful vintage pieces are breathtaking. The awesome frosted blue palm brooch in particular completely jumps out at me.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I mean, one can never have too much jewelry in my opinion, thankfully storage space and budget tend to keep my magpie tendencies in check! and I had to have that palm brooch, only $5 dollars! crazy deal :)


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