September 20, 2014

An 18th Century Floral Jacket

Fair warning, this is one photo heavy post! My mom and I headed over to a local park yesterday to shoot photos of my finished 18th century floral swallowtail jacket. I love how the photos came out so now you get a spam of them! I think this jacket turned out really well, there are a few sewing mistakes I wish I could fix, but all in all it is exactly what I imagined! As you can see, in the end I decided to go for the front lacing style, I decided it was too much a part of the original jacket to skip. I made a sheer striped cotton petticoat in lovely black voile to go with the jacket. I still think this ensemble could be improved upon, it needs an apron and some linen mitts!

I also decided to thrown on an old silk hat I made a few years ago that matched this outfit perfectly. The shawl/scarf is from India and is something I wear constantly all fall and winter. It was a gift from one of my college roommates, it is so gorgeous I am still obsessed with it three years later!

Finally another costume finished for this costuming blog! I suppose I am more of an everything (costume, history, fashion, vintage, decor, nails... list goes on) blog these days anyway. Now that I have finally finished this jacket I can dive into my fall dresses project with even more vigor! I can't wait to get going on those and have the first few finished. Luckily I will have some sewing time tomorrow and I aim to get quite a lot done!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! It fits you perfectly and the hemline is so gorgeous, especially the long points at the back. That second to last picture of you is absolutely stunning: perfect pose, perfect lighting, perfect outfit!

  2. I have been so looking forward to seeing this completed and it is simply beautiful.

  3. So absolutely gorgeous! (The jacket and the whole outfit and the setting and the bee!)


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