May 15, 2014

Modern Mid-Century Manicure

Firstly, I apologize for the state of my cuticles, Colorado is a very dry place! As soon as I finished putting together this manicure yesterday I fell in love with the combination! A grey to black gradient with confetti on top! I have been a fan of nail art for years but I don't often have the time to devote to creating a look like the one above. I snatched up this great matte glitter polish at Sally Beauty Supply this week while buying hair color. The colors just screamed mid-century mod to me! Though I haven't featured any beauty related posts on here yet I thought I would share how to recreate this mani yourself!

Things you will need: 
Nail polish in three solid cremes ranging from lightest to darkest
A glitter or other fun stuff nail polish
Clear top coat 
Wedge makeup sponge

I used: Maybelline's Color Show in Audacious Asphalt, China Glaze in Recycle, Wet n Wild in Black Creme, and Finger Paint's new glitter topcoat Kozmotology

First for the base of your gradient use a coat of your lightest color and let that dry completely before moving on, there will be a lot of time in this mani waiting for layers to dry!

Next take a wedge make-up sponge and get it wet, this is very important! you must use a damp sponge or the gradient will not work. Paint on the layers of color for your gradient, soaking the sponge with the striped of nail polish.

Make a few test stamps on some spare paper or cardboard nearby to test you have enough polish on your sponge.

Position your gradient over the nail and sponge it down a few times to transfer the gradient onto the nail.

Wait for that coat to dry and then repeat that last step.

I then chose to add a few dabs of black polish on the end to really darken it to solid black.

Next add a coat of clear which will make your gradient bleed a little bit which can only help in this case :)

Once that clear coat is dry, top your gradient with confetti!

Add a final seal of topcoat and your done! A bit more time consuming than the average manicure, but so worth it in the end! I hope you guys like my first ever nail/beauty tutorial, they are definitely something I would like to do more of in the future!

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