May 13, 2014

Hair Comb History Highlight #2: Lucien Gaillard

Time for some more hair comb history! One of the best designers of the Art Nouveau, Lucien Gaillard created not only amazing jewelry but also beautiful hair combs! Lucien took over the business from his father in 1892 and like his father was often inspired by Japanese styles of art and decoration. A master of horn and ivory, his combs depict natural forms, most often insects. Gaillard excelled at tuning a humble plants into gorgeous creations in malleable horn. Though he was a third generation jeweler, his pieces eclipsed his father and grandfather's work to be regarded even today as stunning and highly collectible. Gaillard combs today are so rare and coveted that combs have sold for over $200,000 before at action. But I mean, just look at them...

carved horn enamel and jewels! This comb lives at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam 
From the Musee les Arts Decoratifs in Paris, a horn comb with bees! I want this comb! The way the material is transparent for the wings! swoon

This "bluebird comb" circa 1900 sold for $218,000 at Christies in 2009!

A good example of making a humble plant beautiful
rather modern looking don't you think?

Another comb I'd love to own! and wear! I hate live insects but gold and enamel ones I love!

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