January 23, 2014

The Edwardian Gown : The Bodice Part 2

While finishing the back of the bodice felt good, the front was a trickier puzzle to solve! I knew it was going to have to cover the entirety of the front closure with pretty stuff so that it wouldn't be see. I chose to make the front a wrap around style so that it would be harder to guess where a closure in and out of the bodice even was! The front has two panels that overlap with a third embellished panel in between and underneath the others to encompass the entire front. But before I figured any of that out I sewed on some of the same black alenson lace to the front as I had the back.

the back finished!

At this point I tried the bodice on over my lovely new corset to see how everything was fitting. It seemed a bit big in front but the back lay smooth so I considered it a success!

So I began by making a triangular shaped center front panel to cover the closure. I added more alenson lace, and some rhinestones and sequins for sparkle!

After sort of figuring out how to construct the front drapes I sewed a length of sequins over the seam to keep it looking tidy.

In the end I made the front overlapping panels very similar to the foundation layer, using the same pattern piece and then cutting the top down to where I wanted it and folding all the edges under. I really love the look overall even if the busy (and pretty I think) pattern of the fabric sort of diminishes the power of the overall silhouette when I have the whole costume on, and to see that you will have to wait for tomorrows pictures!


  1. It;s so exciting to see this process!

  2. Oh my goodness! This is looking SO BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Thank you! I admire both of your blogs and work so much, so that means a lot to me!


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