December 11, 2013

Twenties Cleopatra Dress : New Under-dress/Slip

I knew that for a more historical and less Cleopatra look I wanted a simpler slip to go under the shiny over-dress. After looking through photos and drawings of 1920's era slips I decided to wing it and threw something together out of an olive green polyester I found at Denver Fabrics last week. I actually really like how this little slip came out even though some seams still need to be pressed for it to look its best. The top of the front is just a band of the same raw silk I used for the belt/yoke of the over-dress and the rest was simply the poly yardage pleated to the size and otherwise left loose. I am hoping to create a few different over-dresses that can work with this same slip so it will be worth going back and pressing and edge stitching a few seams for the smoothest look possible. I also bought some pewter-ish silver fabric for another 20's slip in a different style that I will be trying out later this week.

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