November 19, 2013

DIY : Writing Nib Earrings

I made a pair of these earrings in this exact same style a few years ago and find I wear them often. As a writer and lover of antiques they seem like the perfect piece of jewelry for me! As a bonus, these are also super easy to DIY and really inexpensive as well! I thought I would give a quick DIY today on how to make a pair of your own!

You will need:
- 2 writing pen nibs (calligraphy nibs) (I found mine in the art supply area of my college book store last year but they have them at most craft stores I'd assume
- a sharp awl, that you don't mind getting a tiny bit damaged possibly by striking through metal
- a hammer
- pliers to open and close jump rings
- jump rings (4)
- french ear-wires/hooks or any other type of earring finding :)

Start by punching tiny holes through the top of your pen nibs
poor awl, but useful!

slip a jump ring onto each nib
use another jump ring to attach nibs to ear-hooks, and tah-dah your finished!
enjoy wearing your cute new earrings!

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