September 15, 2013

Floral Cotton Pet en L'air/Caraco

18th Century Caraco, Met
As I finish my stays I am already thinking about my next 18th century project! I have had a great floral print cotton that has been waiting in my stash of fabrics to be turned into an 18th century garment. It has a great block print look even though its a modern roller printed cotton. I don't have enough for a gown but would love to make a caraco/pet en l'air (what exactly is the difference?)

 I really want to take the opportunity with this garment to use historically accurate construction. I have never made a garment with completely accurate methods and hand sewing techniques. My main inspiration for this next garment is this extant example from the Metropolitan Museum in New York, but also an example from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and another example from the Kyoto Costume Institute.

My sketch of what I intend to make ^
As usual I am excited to start this project and still have to finish my current project! Binding the stays are taking forever, mostly because now that I am working full time sewing has been put on the major back-burner which makes me so sad! I really wish I had more time to sew (and blog!) but I am so tired by the time I get home around 6 each night and crash into bed by 10 to wake up for the next day of work! Being an adult is super tiring! I'm sorry I was MIA this week, I have to (and will!), work harder!

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