September 10, 2013

Copy-Cat Cowl Top

This green top is one of my favorites, its one of the few items in my closet that I know I feel good in every time I wear it. Something about the amount of ease in the cowl hides all sins. In reality it is an inexpensive trendy piece from Forever21 of all places but I loved the shape enough that I decided to knock-off the company known for knocking-off! I traced the top onto pattern paper, added seam allowance and had a go with some extra jersey and left over faux croc from my last project!

I need to make a few modifications to my new favorite top pattern but all in all I was quite happy with how this mock up came together! This was my first time knocking-off a garment but as I have no plans to sell these tops I don't feel bad! Now I can make this top in new colors and play with adding sleeves for this winter!

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