December 29, 2019

A Long Long Time...No See

A long long time ago...I was consistent with posting here on this blog.

But alas, the galaxy moves on, but not forever! That's right, like a questionable sequel I will return! I have been spending so much time cheating on you all with YouTube I know, but it's because things over here just have got to change. I want to feel free to use this space more like a journal again, put up some different posts, essays even maybe, or reviews, or just rambles. Of course I need to get back to taking outfit photos more often too, so hopefully more of those will be coming soon as well.

Thank you all for hanging in there. Here is my latest very themed lookbook from over on my channel, I hope you enjoy it and have a Happy new Year!


  1. I came over here to find the 1920s dress pattern :)

  2. Happy New Year. Looking forward to reading more..

  3. Happy New Year!

    I never watch stuff on YouTube, so your IG posts are all I've seen...


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